When I Rhymed!

I never thought I could pen two sentences and make them RHYME (given my LOVEEE for essays). But interestingly, I was going through a challenging phase and I wanted to let everything out, without writing long sentences and BOOOOM .. my poems were born.

As interesting as it may sound, I wrote all of these on the SAME DAY and took around 30 minutes to do so. I haven’t penned another poem ever since!!

(Please click on the image/pic to read the poem.)

It started with this:

Break Free, Rise Up

And then lead to these:

Like a Traveller!

<– Why I need to repeatedly remind myself that there is a Higher Power who would take care of everything, no matter how badly I wanted to let go of everything, but Allah (swt) kept reminding me that He hasn’t left me yet.



That phase of questioning automatically lead to a phase where I wanted  to accept His Decree and put my trust in Him (swt).



Delusion of Solace

Which then lead to me questioning people and some of their beliefs that was strongly moulded by the society. For one, I could never understand how someone wanted to please the creation but not the Creator, and my usual worries about others’ well being which sometimes can go overboard led to a delusion of sorts!


Beauty of Solitude


I wanted to escape into a world where it would be only me and my Lord, muting all the external worries, wars, noises and people out of my life. There’s a hidden beauty in solitude.



And then, my mind was at peace and became the usual chirpy me. So, it ended with this: 

Flicker of a Smile ^_^


3 Responses to When I Rhymed!

  1. *sigh* poetry

    Lovely reflection sisters , its kind of weird but i think your poems were improving one on one – the last being my favourite. I will now be forever ( okay not quite forever) lurking until you have another bout of poetry .

    • Nasmira says:

      Asalamualaikum sis! <3 :)
      thank you so much for taking your time out and commenting on my blog..It's always a pleasure to meet new bloggers from around the world :)
      LOL at your last lines…inshaAllah..I'm hoping it happens soon too. ;)
      Would love to have you around either way!
      Stay blessed!

  2. Penguini Mf says:

    Salam I absolutely love poetry and yours is nice too but could you please also see what I’ve been writing? I have a blog identity17.blogspot.com!

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