For Habibi Halaqas!!

Writing for Habibi Halaqas was out of the blue. It all started with me commenting on one status update and Kanika Aggarwal (the beautiful founder of Habibi Halaqas) catching hold of me from there on. There’s been no looking back ever since, alhamdulillah.  :)

This page with the list of articles I’ve written for HH, would be an easier way to view and navigate for me (to keep an eye on the comments section) and for others to browse through the articles quickly, inshaAllah.

1)  Three Steps to rise up to a challenge
) The Life of Prophet Yunus Alayhi salam
3) The Prophetic Way of Correcting People’s Mistakes (My Favourite #1 :D)
4) Khushoo in Salah (My Most Favourite so far)
5) Magic and Envy
6) Who Do You Hang Out With — Part I
7) Loading…..Please Wait. ;)


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