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7 Ramadan Advice To New Muslimahs / Reverts

You might have come across several posts that are buzzing with excitement with Ramadan around the corner. If you have just reverted to Islam and are feeling a little too apprehensive of what to expect, here’s a small attempt on … Continue reading

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6 Mindblowing & Exceptional Reasons To Make Dhikr This Ramadan

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What does dhikr really mean? How can we implement and make it a habit to be in a constant state of dhikr to achieve closeness? You claim to love Allah subhanahu wa taala more than anything in this world. But … Continue reading

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Some Reflections Post Ramadan

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This post has been long overdue. Alhamdulillah, had quite a memorable Ramadan for many many reasons. But the icing on the cake: Attended a jumuah khutbah given by my favourite speaker! Guess who?!! :D Our India’s very own Mirza Yawar Baig. He’s such a proud … Continue reading

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You Are my Own, my Very Own..Its Liberating..!!

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The Silent Smirks and all the Little Jokes I’ve Shared Secretly Constantly Nagging for Your Attention..and You Always Gave All That and More The Weird Questions You Entertained without Giving a Cold Stare Every Time my Heart Smiled, You Were … Continue reading

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Quran in Ramadan: Speed Reading Contest or Source of Guidance?

Bismillah! Right, so most of us, if not all of us, have come across a pic on FB, twitter which says read 4 pages/salah..20 pages/day and you finish the entire Quran during Ramadan. My first thoughts while seeing the pic … Continue reading

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From Habibi Halaqas and Productive Muslim Team..!!

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Bismillah! Ramadan has started with a banggg! =) However, with a sudden imaan rush, it is extremely crucial to not burn out sooner than required. Losing steam can turn out to be a spiritual and physical disaster. Meanwhile, if you are wondering how you … Continue reading

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