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Between Hope and Prayers

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After you’ve made a desperate dua and are waiting for it to be “answered”, strive! Don’t just raise your hands to the sky and then stagnate, waiting for a miracle to unfold. Strive to be a better slave of Allah, … Continue reading

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Sujood: It’s a position where you realise your own nothingness in front of His greatness. It’s a humbling reminder that you not only submit to Him with your limbs in those fleeting seconds of your life, but you also submit … Continue reading

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In this world, words can crush but silence can kill. You can either use words to heal a broken heart or shred it into pieces. But sometimes, silence can convey what a thousand words can’t. It was silence that Prophet … Continue reading

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I’ve always been fascinated by Surah Maryam, a chapter I go to in times of distress, grief, anger or even when there’s plain emptiness in my heart although everything seems “perfect”. So, whilst reading what Maryam, [or virgin Mary as … Continue reading

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Be That Hope

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Its just a moment:  every second, every minute, every incident you’ve fought so hard to forget or hold on to. It  may be a sheer moment of luxury or forgotten pleasures of repentance filled with tears of joy. Nothing lasts. … Continue reading

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Your Final Abode

What glory will all of this be, a hundred years from now… When things end and they will have to do so And I will be lying many feet below What would that test be like, to be alone in … Continue reading

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Pretty enough..?

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“Am I pretty?” With my brows furrowed, I sit here wondering what kind of daughters are being raised. I’ve very sadly seen girls who believe that they must act and behave in a certain way, quite simply because, they are, … Continue reading

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When mind speaks a little too much…

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Quiet people talk a LOT, in their heads; I’d tweeted some time back. If I could transfer all that I utter in my mind into words and onto the computer screen, I would have written a novel longer than Harry Potter … Continue reading

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Through my Lens..

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One footstep at a time, The slow treading into the path less known, A journey (being undertaken) many fail to realise, The crunching of autumn leaves on the damp soil, The echoes of melodies from creatures I never knew existed, … Continue reading

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Of Being Blessed..

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“When  you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. ” ~ Rumi That moment of exhilaration when you know that your silent whispers didn’t go in vain, it WAS heard! Your muted mumblings were … Continue reading

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A little bit of this, a little bit of that…

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Where have I been.. WHY haven’t I written anything, and where HAVE I been..really… Dear blog.. I’v neglected you, great deal.  While I’d love to paint a busy picture of myself and tell you I was “oh so busy, I couldn’t … Continue reading

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Who Do You Hang Out With –Part I

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Bismillah! Focusing on the importance of being surrounded by righteous company, this article was a personal reflection on how I came to realise the importance and beauty of Islam in my life. Originally published in : Back in the days as a teenager, there were … Continue reading

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