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IMG-20140704-WA0000Sujood: It’s a position where you realise your own nothingness in front of His greatness. It’s a humbling reminder that you not only submit to Him with your limbs in those fleeting seconds of your life, but you also submit to Him in the strongest essence: you submit to His plan, His decree…the divine decree that has been written for you against your name, that’s the ultimate from of submission… you submit with your *heart*….

And that’s when you realise that the ground, the hard concrete floor down there, can be more comforting than any shoulder you’ve ever leaned on, more soft than any pillow you’ve rested on…

Because, it’s in *this* position where you mumble words from your heart with your face on the ground, you’re at your lowest of low, but your words are being carried to the Highest heavens, directly to your Lord.

There’s a lot of freedom that comes from submission of that nature. And that’s when you realize the true essence of these powerful words: Subhana Rabbiyal ‘ala… Glory be to you Oh Lord, The Most High!

Out of all the words that could have been chosen for sujood.. Your Lord has taught you to say “the most High” when you’re at the lowest! That’s a very important point to reflect upon.

Sujood *is* powerful SubhanAllah!


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  1. wandpen says:

    So touching.

  2. mashallah!!! keep up your great work!!! i too am a hijabi (that too a proud one like you)
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    it would be a privilige

  3. Penguini Mf says:

    Your blog is really good and I’m comparatively a newbie in the cyber world so I would like you to visit my blog

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