iLearn (2)

When people backbite or slander your name and character, sit back and watch how Allah shields you. Stay close to the Refuge and no harm shall touch you.

Aisha radhiyallahu anha was accused of adultery, so much so that it was the most talked about “affair” during that time. Everyone had their two cents to offer on the issue and most of them began spreading the news just by listening to the hypocrite who advertised the “breaking news” saga.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was accused of something even greater. People called him a madman, a liar a magician, someone possessed by devil, etc. Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him) was accused of tempting his master’s wife. Maryam (peace be upon her) was accused of selling her chastity.

Being falsely accused and slandered is nothing new. It has existed since time immemorial. How you react to it makes all the difference. Mark this, you don’t need to prove your innocence to the whole wide world. Staying close to Allah subhanahu wa ta ala and allowing Him to judge between what’s right and wrong will determine your success.

As for those who slander, deceive, backbite and throw false accusations about you just to safeguard their own image in the eyes of people, your Lord has promised to pass on their good deeds into your account on the Day of Judgment. Justice is sweet. :)

Truth *will* always be exposed, even if falsehood rules for a while.

iLearn (2)


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2 Responses to iLearn (2)

  1. Abdul Refai says:

    Siso I’ve not read ILearn1, but there is lot that I have to learn form this iLearn2.
    May ALLAH forgive us.
    Good One:)

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