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I’ve always been fascinated by Surah Maryam, a chapter I go to in times of distress, grief, anger or even when there’s plain emptiness in my heart although everything seems “perfect”.

So, whilst reading what Maryam, [or virgin Mary as she’s popularly known] (peace be upon her) went through, there were profound lessons that stood out.

Reflection #1: When Maryam (peace be upon her) was given a news that she would be bearing a son (Jesus, peace be upon him) when no man has ever touched her, she could have had a million doubts about what others would say, how they would question her chastity or just about having to become a mother and not knowing what to do, but she never said “why me”

Similarly, there comes a time when you are placed in situations which you could have never foreseen, and in the limited spectrum of your understanding, could be viewed more as a “calamity” than a blessing. What others would say would always top the list, but hey, you’re given an example on how to deal with it. Trust your Lord and remain silent.

Don’t go seeking for answers and don’t go wondering what could have “gone wrong where”, because what may seem to be “unpleasant” now, might turn out to be one of the greatest blessings you could ever have.

Maryam (peace be upon her) could not comprehend the blessing of having a son out of the blue at that point of time, but she could have never imagined her Lord’s planning. Its mind blowing to just to think about how her rank and status has been elevated in the eyes of Allah, so much so that He has sent down an entire chapter in the Glorious Quran, named after her for millions of generations to know about.

And yes, her honor and chastity was powerfully guarded and defended by none other than the Lord, Most Powerful, Himself.

So, when your life takes a sudden turn and people have questions about “the kind of person” you are, keep calm and say Alhamdulillah ala kulli haal. :)

iLearn (1)


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5 Responses to iLearn (1)

  1. Sara says:

    Heart warming! :D

  2. That was awesome mashaAllah!

  3. syeda says:

    JA zak Allah…
    nostalgic reminders

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