Who is Blind, Really?

A person was asked, “What are some of the positive aspects of not being able to see?”

He compiled the following list of his top 10 positives:397798_10150493374091396_1760737456_n

10. My electric bill will always be cheaper. Well, when I was single it was cheaper. ;)

9. I never have to conform to society’s idea of what looks good.

8. I can always sit behind tall people at conferences. That used to work in school also.

7. I’ve never caused a car accident. (yet)

6. There is no such thing as ugly people in my world.

5. Racism is the biggest joke imaginable because y’all look alike.

4. Everything looks exactly how I imagine it. Think about that for a minute, I’m sure you’ll “see the beauty”.

3. My wife and children’s beauty will never, and I mean, never fade for me.

2. Out of all the things I’ll be questioned by Allah about, eyesight isn’t in the list.

1. Paradise is waiting for me and believers like me if we are patient.

Take care, stay blessed!” ~ AbuHafsah AbdulMalik Clare

The truth is, he’s not blind. When we fail to see the beauty in people, *we* are blind. When we fail to appreciate the blessings and innumerable bounties bestowed upon us, *we* are blind.

As Allah (swt) says, “For indeed, it is not eyes that are blinded, but blinded are the hearts.” (Glorious Quran: 22:46)



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3 Responses to Who is Blind, Really?

  1. Abdul Refai says:

    Thanks for sharing the vesre of Al-Quran.

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