Of Being Blessed..

“When  you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. ” ~ Rumi

That moment of exhilaration when you know that your silent whispers didn’t go in vain, it WAS heard! Your muted mumblings were taken into account by the One who can change your destiny, who listens to you because you are special to Him swt, just as anyone else on this planet.

You realise your true feelings of redemption when your mind shuts off external voices that are loud and clear (and most often unwarranted), because you know there is a Lord who knows exactly what things are all about..and then others just don’t matter.


Your soul starts yearning for a one-on-one chat more than ever before with the Lord of Heavens and the Earth; it may seem like a one-way conversation but its NOT. The Lord unwraps miracles right in front of your eyes but sometimes you get too busy counting what “could have or should have been” that you fail to take notice.

That moment when your eyes constantly check the time ‘cause you’re just waiting to kneel down and pour your heart out, because you’re waiting to talk to the One, because you’re waiting to share it all coz you know He’s heard it all and continues to do so.

Now, when you reach that level of inner peace and calmness, you know you must have done something right, alhamdulillah.

And then, from the depths of your heart, you feel the excitement of being blessed for you are indeed in front of His eyes.

You’re being blessed to realise the blessings, being blessed to see miracles, being blessed to keep you heart alive, and being blessed to recognise and thank your Lord for all of it. And you realise what a huge blessing that is alhamdulillah!

I’ve seen more than a few miracles on not one or two occasions but multiple occasions, it makes me melt with love to get even more close to the One that created me.

Its exhilarating. It really is. When you realise and understand the purpose of your creation, and you realise and understand that you have a Guardian who can protect you, Al Lateef, the One who is knowledgeable of the most subtle and minuscule matters that will lead to a slaves well-being. He know how to guide him/her to his/her well-being, and He does so with kindness and gentleness. 

You realize that you’re blessed indeed, to be His slave.   =)


About Nasmira

Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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7 Responses to Of Being Blessed..

  1. Sleepyxyz says:

    I loved reading this, it’s so true <3

  2. LonLon558 says:

    Lo-OVE the Dumbledore quote.

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