What If I told You…

Came across this beautiful video by Brother Phil…had to share!

“What if I told you
That Islam is rooted in the word “peace”.

What if I told you
You’ve been deceived and what a practicing Muslim actually believes.

What if I told you
That Islam explains this life’s meaning,
Was made for our Lord’s pleasing,
Made for all,
From the blind to the seeing
From the old to the teething
For all human beings.

Let go of your fakely fabricated believes that are totally obsolete.
Held in the West and in some of our Muslim countries in the East.

It’s time to be loud and proud about our testimonial vow,
I testify that God is unique and Muhammad is His Prophet
And to the reason why we constantly bow alone or with the crowd

How ironic, the religion of peace and mercy,
Is accused of controversy.

Here are just a few of its rulings that if in your attention they are worthy:

To kill an innocent life is as though you’ve killed all of humanity.

Woman have a right to divorce, inheritance and on who they choose to marry.
Men and women *are* equal.
We just have different responsibilities, which is normal,
Since we *are* two different people.

We cant gamble or have alcohol,
’cause in it, the bad outweighs the good,
and that’s it that’s all.

Some sins are big and some sins are small
But God is the most forgiving
Ask and He can forgive all
The only unforgivable sin is dying while you’ve associated a partner in your worship with Allah.

We listen and we obey.
We pray five times a day.
For us, Islam is the pass of truth.
From it, there’s no other way.

We believe in all the prophets, messengers and all other books.
We couldn’t care less about the colour of your skin or the way that you look.
What brings you closer to Allah
Is your piety and righteousness,
And to that, every single Muslim can bear witness.

We need to strive for excellence and encourage the good,
Discourage the evil as everyone should.

Obey, love and respect your parents.
They loved you, raised you, aided you,
They loved you so much that in public, they praised you.

We need to worship the Judge, the Lover, the Sustainer, the One with the greatest of all attributes.
Worship none but God.
That’s all Islam is really asking.

And in such a depressing world, we’re taught that smiling is charity,
And a smile not returned, it’s very rare to see.

What if I told you
That the media is completely wrong
Keeps playing the same lame song
All day long

Funny how, when a Muslim man has a beard, he should almost be feared
but the Jewsih men adhere to their commandments cause it’s God that they fear

Funny how when a Muslim woman covers, she’s seen as opressed.
But a Catholic nun is seen as pious and blessed.

Funny how this standards of truth and what we can accept is only found in the West,
Minus the rest.

It’s funny now, but as a Muslim, if God wills, I will love God until my dying breath.
From the path of truth and peace, I will never rest.
Islam is closer to me than my own heart found deep inside my chest.”


About Nasmira

Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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2 Responses to What If I told You…

  1. Aiman says:

    I recently started reading your articles and I love every single one of them!!!!!They are all amazing.
    May Allah reward you for your efforts in the hereafter and in the dunya :)))))

    • Nasmira says:

      Wa alaikum salam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu.
      Alhamdulillah :)
      All praise belongs to Allah swt alone.
      Jazakallah khair for your amazing words of encouragement. I pray Allah swt makes this blog beneficial to you and others, here and in the Hereafter.
      Ameen to your beautiful dua :))
      May Allah swt bless you immensely in both worlds. Ameen

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