Too Late — Boonaa Mohammed

You’re dying,
And you don’t even know it, never saw it coming
But you were so young, so much life, so much loving
So much hope, so much sorrow, I guess so much for tomorrow,
Your family will miss you dearly, still can’t believe that you’re gone
The news hasn’t sunk in; they still think you’re coming home

When things don’t go our way, the entire world must be wrong
They say it wasn’t your time, but to Allah we belong
Your soul left your body, before you had the chance to say goodbye
It caught you unexpected, within the blink of an eye
You were busy with the world, when you felt a tingle in your spine
Your heart began to race, your eyes became blind
Coming closer to the light, was this a trick from your mind?
Or did you really just cross this life’s finish line.

The cost of deception is that everyone’s gotta die
In a world where everybody is just trying to stay alive
Even if you aren’t ready, it could come at anytime
Doesn’t ask for your permission, doesn’t need you to co-sign
The dirt is getting ready and your hole has been assigned
Your mother helps to wash your body one last time
Prayed your janazh, it was raining cats and dogs
They put you in the ground and now you’re all alone
Hearing footsteps of your friends as they begin to moan
We wish you all the best, so sad you had to go

People talk about death, but what about when death talks to you
Rips the soul from your body, will you finally say it’s true?
The good may die young; the bad still gotta die too
Every soul shall taste a sip from this restless brew
This is the day that you were promised, your grand debut
No turning back now, no make-ups, no re-dos
From this point on there is no need to review
It’s just do or die or in your case just do
The real proof, absolute moment of truth
And just like that, perfectly on cue

Two angels enter your grave, sit you up and ask you
Who is your Lord?
But in this world you only worshipped you,
Obedient to your desires, a slave to your own views
What is your religion?
Don’t say it was this deen,
Your last name never stopped you from your wicked routines
Who is your prophet?
You heard the people say his name,
But you never stopped to defend him when they spoke it in vain
You didn’t pray the long nights; you didn’t fast the long days
You didn’t even bother trying to seek forgives for mistakes
You didn’t have any fear, you weren’t sincere
That Quran on your bookshelf was just a souvenir

In fact it was quite clear that you loved this place
And never thought you would have to witness what awaits
Well get ready for your fate, the promise of your Lord is great
When you’re brought right back forth from that dirt you came
And make no mistake, the scale makes no mistakes
Indeed every deed shall receive its due weight

So deceive as you please until you see it’s too late
You would squeeze the seven seas for the chance to prostrate
Where are your American idols, let them keep you safe
Or perhaps you will find mercy in the money you chased
You never stopped to take a break and see into your future,
Walal-akhiratu khayrun laka mina al-oola

But now look at you; you are the definition of a loser
Doomed to dwell in hell, oh well at least it suits you
Every moment awake, you receive your reward
To feed on a fire whose fuel is men and stones
Boiling puss, in chains and yoke
Skinned ripped from flesh, from flesh till bone
Begging the keepers of hell to lighten the load

But this is exactly what you asked for
You choose the torment, you refused to repent
You had the answers to the test and you still didn’t prep
For eternity you will rest in the lowest depths,

Step by step, I must confess
You’re dying, but you haven’t died yet
But with every single heartbeat you get closer to your final breath
Yesterday you were one day closer to your grave
Today who even knows if you’ll even make it home ok

I just pray that you are ready for your final exam
Until then don’t you dare die except in a state of Islam
Heaven and Hell are just the choices that we make
So turn back to you Lord, before it’s too late. ~ Boonaa Mohammed

A reminder to myself first and foremost!


About Nasmira

Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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7 Responses to Too Late — Boonaa Mohammed

  1. gold price says:

    I chose to continue wearing my hijab, despite my family’s concerns about the Islamophobic era we lived in. My hijab allowed my two worlds to come together, and I went from a very introverted and insecure adolescent, to a strong Muslimah. My hijab became so much more when I realized the hijab means to care for yourself, to love yourself. The hijab is a personality that exudes confidence in oneself, but more importantly, confidence in the goodness Allah has bestowed within us. And, no one needs a piece of cloth on their head to allow others to feel that. I know so many sisters that do not wear a scarf, but they are much more the banner of Islam than hijabis. And, seeing as how I wore the hijab on more of a whim, than after careful research and reflection, I can see how that happens. I can see how the hijab is a way of identifying with Islam more than acceptance of oneself. But I also know that wearing the hijab, for me, was a learning process. My hijab taught me so much more than I could have ever imagined, and it became one of my life’s greatest teachers.

    • Nasmira says:

      wooowwwww! subhanAllah!!
      Jazakumallahu khayran for sharing your thoughts about the hijab…you’ve raised some excellent, magnificent points mashaAllah.
      May Allah swt keep us firm on this deen. Ameen

  2. Assalamu Aleikum,
    I love Boona Muhammed! His poems are so inspiring and he is a really amazing Muslim MashaAllah.

  3. Dreamlife says:

    I experienced his work for the first time this year and was blown away. He performed this one for us in the ‘Strangers Tour’ show earlier this year, and it was really a powerful piece. People don’t like thinking about death, and it is really SO easy to forget about it.

    I wish everyone (myself included) could hear this every day and have it impact us every time so that we can take heed and look at who we really are, where we really are, and where we’ll be going very soon.

    JazakAllah for sharing this.

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