To Facebook and Twitter “Warriors”…

This post is for my dear Twitter and Facebook “warriors” out there.

I mostly stay away from posting or discussing anything political or religious, not because I might get scared about the backlashes but more because I find it time-wasting and my conscience  knows where it stands. But, I decided to put my fingers into thoughts with what’s been happening the world over for the past few days. Why? Because I’ve learnt over the years that when you remain silent, people automatically assume that you endorse such foolishness or you are not bothered much about your religion or whatever. And when you allow people to think that way, know that your silence becomes a silent form of acceptance. Plus this behaviour sickens me!

Where do I stand in this entire movie-defamation-insult-violence episode? Do I condemn the violence that’s taking place? YES!!

Do I condemn the amazing stupidity and foolishness of some boneheads who did the movie?! Absolutely.. double YESSS

Do I support the killing or destruction  of embassies and property? NO!

Before you plaster my face with comments like blasphemy or the likes, read on. What I want to let the world know is beautifully summed up by some of the world’s most respected scholars of today, whom I’m blessed enough to be sharing Planet Earth with. I do not want to add anything more to what they say. You can read about it here, here , here and here. And of course, there are many more.

For those who like a visual here to listen to one of my favourite speakers, bro Nouman Ali Khan himself.

I was reading some very “heroic” comments and tweets (along with super hero pics, let me remind you) about how some people actually endorse these kind of violent acts and “would do anything to protect…”  While I do not question your intentions, it is sad that you are adding to the chaos and misinterpretation of this religion which it is already undergoing.

Dear Facebook and Twitter “Warriors”:

It’s sad that people think this violence is what Islam endorses, and if you knew the seerah, you would have known how to respond, not with violence, but counter it with wisdom and beautiful preaching calling people to the way of Islam.

Unfortunately such “brave” comments and acts of violence has given the fools exactly what they needed for their idiotic “movie”: publicity. A trailer which was played in front of an almost empty crowd in a theatre has been made world-famous now, thanks to our “warriors” out there!

You expect YouTube to take down a video when your actions triggered millions to find out more? By doing so, you’ve ensured that the stupid movie receives more than a million hits every day..and then you expect YouTube to pull the video down?! Who you kidding?

The fools know exactly how to stir up the emotions of Muslims, and we play exactly according to the tune they put up, dance according to their script. We’ve allowed the whole world know about some stupid movie with acts of foolishness. #smh

If you “warriors” out there, hiding behind the computer screen and furiously hitting the keyboard, are really so “brave”, then please stand up and use your energy+resources+ anger in raising your voices against the atrocities being committed in Syria. Put your energy together and help in raising funds. With tens of thousands of refugees being pushed away from their houses and with winter right around the corner, our brethren in Syria have no refuge. Help them!

Or, perhaps our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah swt be upon him) would have been happy if you could show your anger by raising the issue of Palestine that has been so cleverly brushed under the carpet by thugs. Voice out against that so the world sits up and takes notice of the atrocities that are being committed.

Or I ask you to stand up in front of a non-Muslim crowd and give dawah for 2 minutes and tell what Islam is!.

I ask you to follow the sunnnah and show your “heroism” when Islam is countered with stupid cultural practices like dowry and the like in your country. Be a man and tell your parents you will not accept money from the girl’s family. I ask you to stand up against domestic abuse in your own family.

I ‘ll tell you how you need to defend our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah swt be upon him): Follow his sunnah. Learn, practice and adopt his teachings instead of following silly customs and traditions or following bi’dah and shirk.

So twitter and Facebook “warriors”, if you don’t have the heroism to do any of these, if you don’t have the heroism to stand up and help your brothers and sisters who are being oppressed in Syria, Palestine and elsewhere, if you don’t have the will power to raise money for sheltering your own brothers and sisters in faith, if you are not willing to follow the Prophet’s way and stand up for what he believed in, if you support your culture even if its against Islamic beliefs, if you fear the creation when it comes to delivering justice, if you know nothing about his sunnah and make no efforts to learn about it, then in that case, don’t call yourself defenders of the Prophet peace and blessings of Allah swt be upon him). That’s not called “defending”. By not following his sunnah, you’re indirectly mocking him too. And that is called hypocrisy. So, Zip It!

Actions speak louder than words?! Ever heard?! So show what Islam is all about to the people around you through your actions..instead of just talking and talking and talking!

This pic speaks for it all!

May Allah subhahanu wa ta’ala guide us all. Ameen


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23 Responses to To Facebook and Twitter “Warriors”…

  1. ummkhaleel says:

    Sis! Assalamualaikum! Masha’Allah, I was about to write about this too when I saw you posted this to your blog.. Entirely agree with you.. I don’t know how people can come to a conclusion that when you are silent about the recent atrocities, you are supportive of such idiocy. Keeping silent is necessary especially when you are dealing with such people unfortunately!

    As for the movie, we are giving it more publicity than it should have when we create all this unnecessary protests. When we stoop to their level of returning insults (have you seen/read about the disappointing slogans during the Sydney riots?), we are just like them. My friend commented that when we learn to ‘ignore these bullies, they won’t get a kick out of it’. I mean, how true is that… if the Ummah were to work towards dispelling the lies in the movie in a rational manner, the tables would be turned against the producer of that disgusting film itself. No need to retaliate with violence.

    Sad to say, Muslim youth are always quick to react irrationally but you do not get the same reaction against munkar. I read in an article recently that some of these youths do not even fulfil their obligations as Muslims.. some of these do not get involved/support da’wah projects, active in Masjid or the community but yet are the first to react to criticisms. Priorities people! The picture at the end of your posts reflects the ‘crisis’ that the Ummah is facing.. Like you said, learn the Sunnah and practise it before any one can say that they are defenders of Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam. Abandoning his Sunnah (and in some cases, making a mockery of his Sunnah) does not show our love for him!

    There are so many things that the youth and ‘heroes of FB and twitter’ which you beautifully coined (hehe) can do for the Ummah in retaliation to the insults and being sensible should be at the top of the list. Think rationally and act rationally too. Place your priorities on where you should focus on (i.e. like you said, on Palestine, Syria where our brothers and sisters are being oppressed) rather than this trashy and rather worthless movie. We can do better than bringing ourselves down to their levels!

    • Nasmira says:

      Wa alaiikum salam wr wb sis! :) <3
      These thoughts have been going on in my mind for quite some time. While its astonishing to see the ignorance of some fools, it is equally astonishing to see the double standards of our own people when it comes to such things. I wanted to blast so many more countries and governments in this post, but I wondered if it would go down as "anti-nationalistic" for that particular citizens or whatever!

      We need to be an ummah that is proactive and not reactive. We are known to erupt immediately but do nothing to counteract the craziness that is portrayed! subhanAllah!

      Very sad state of affairs! No wonder our brothers and sisters are murdered in hundreds everyday and there's no one to question. When we desert our own, why would others bother ? :(

  2. CommonMuslim says:

    This (turn your heads+energy+voice towards syria, burma…) is exactly what Sheikh Akkas (Dammam, saudi arabia) said yesterday after a small tafsir dar.

  3. mehmudah says:

    Excellent post! The movie is starting to look more and more like a political tactic to get Muslims riled up and destruct their own infrastructure. So people will point fingers and say “look at muslims so violent and volatile!”

    • Nasmira says:

      Very true Mehmudah. In fact, there were reports that this entire violence was pre mediated to coincide with 9/11. I wonder why no one thought about it this way: Why was the movie trailer released during 9/11?! Something fishy! Its always easy to points fingers at Muslims but very difficult to self-analyse for the vast majority!

  4. Maryam says:

    Assalamualaikum Nasmira! This was awesome! :D….You’ve said it all just as it is!
    SubhanAllah, people out there keep on typing away on their keyboards, commenting, discussing, cursing, expressing anger and shouting! Which is soooo sad, I could cry!
    *sigh* :(
    Allahu musta’an.

    • Nasmira says:

      Wa alaikum salam wr wb Maryam!
      JazakumAllahu khayran for dropping by and commenting :))

      Allahu musta’an indeed! We need changes in our way of thinking, big time!!

      • Maryam says:

        BarakAllahu feeki..:)
        y’know I’ve been reading quite a lot of stuff on this and subhanAllah I’m so confused as to what’s right and what’s wrong…:-? … These blasphemies and cartoons are just happening more and more with time.
        What exactly is their problem? How should we stop these disgusting attacks at Islam? I mean, there is a limit to toleration…right? I researched a lot for opinions of scholars..but they just seem to tell us to teach them about Islam…but how far is it really practical?
        *completely confused*

      • Nasmira says:

        Maryam…I understand your confusion completely! :)
        I’ve had almost a million thoughts and *possible* answers running in my head ever since I went through your comment.
        Will get back to you with a detailed response as soon as I get some time..just a little caught up with stuff..but will answer this question of yours soon, inshaAllah sis! :)
        Its lovely to have you comment and raise questions. :)

      • Nasmira says:

        I would say, instead of worrying about what they do, I guess its time to put our own house in order and worry about ourselves in this point of time. Worry about what Muslim youth are doing, about our own families and friends who have gone away from the straight path or who dont take this religion seriously enough. We have messed up priorities.

        We need to show the world what Islam is, but that won’t happen if we dont follow it ourselves. We have to instill confidence in our own faith, by teaching the kids and the youth about what this religion is about. Now for example, how many of Muslim kids today can list the names of Prophets or of Prophet Muhammad’s (saws) children? But these same kids will recall the names of all the players in a famous football team or even some music band!

        The problem is with US. The problem is: We dont know our Prophet (saws) well enough. And when we dont know him and his teachings well enough, we cant defend him or anyone else for that matter. There are bigger things to worry about.

        Unity in the Muslim ummah is more important than worrying about some loser producing some crappy movie for the world to see. And we have no unity, no Muslim country can live without bickering about its neighbouring Muslim country. Look at the Gulf. If we were really united, can Israel do what its doing to our Palestinian brothers and sisters today?!

        Our priorities should be to instill love and respect for the Prophet and this religion by learning more about it and inculcating it in our daily lives. Our priorities should not be to show non Muslims what Islam..we first need to show our own Muslim brethren what Islam is..

        When our own house is not in order, we cannot expect a non Muslim community to listen to us. Ultimately, its more important to sit back and think what will bring us greater ajr: Helping our own Muslim brothers and sisters in learning more about this deen so they can be torch bearers of this religion OR going about telling every other Non-Muslim that this behaviour sickens us.

        The fact of the matter is, they wont stop insulting us unless the vast majority gets to see what Islam really is, and they wont get to see that if the vast majority doesn’t show them, and that will not happen if we dont learn and follow this religion the way its meant to the problem is not in they coming up with blasphemous stuff, the problem is with we not following our own religion. Thats a bigger headache this ummah faces today. We need to condemn, yes. But we have bigger issues to deal with today.

        We always think about how non Muslims attack our religion, but our own ummah attacks Islam by not following it, by not acting upon what they learn, if we are going to get enraged because of what non Muslims do but do not get enraged when our own brethren do not follow the Quran and Sunnah, we have some major problems in our faith.

        Once we get the unity of the Muslim ummah thru united families giving rise to united communities, we can start worrying about what Non-Muslims do. Our priority is ourselves right now.

      • Maryam says:

        Awww Nasmira <3…that's extra sweet of you to try to reply to my questions. You have no idea the amount of brainstorming I did to find a solution to my confusion…was even thinking of making a post about it. But then, didn't want to confuse others as well, so didn't … lol.. but couldn't keep it to myself, so shared it with :P.

        And subhanAllah, your reply makes so much of sense. UNITY is the key! Our Ummah is so divided on everything. We have become so attached to the duniya..there is a serious scarcity of Islamic knowledge. I'm witness to this. Back home in India where I live, most of the people are deluded by this worldly life. Islam is sidetracked. Enjoyment, the best worldly education, money, entertainment is all that matters to them. But y'know what, when you make an attempt to teach them, they turn a deaf ear. And believe me, it hurts so bad!! All we can do is constantly nag them, even if they dislike it, and make dua'a for them. But a lot, like seriously A LOT has to be done to reform our Ummah.

        InshaAllah, if each one who has realized this makes constant efforts to help our brothers and sisters to return to our Deen, then I guess we can make a considerable difference, bi ithnillah! Our small steps today will one day unite us spiritually, if that is the least we can do.

        Jazakillah khayr katheer! uhibbuki fillah! <3

      • Nasmira says:

        Barakallahu feek dear sis! May Him for whose sake you love me, love you and wrap you in His Mercy and forgiveness. Im humbled that you decided to share it with me sis :))
        I EXACTLY understand what you mean by the stuff that goes on in India, its more cultural than religious. and you’ll get the most weirdest stares possible when you try telling them. Anywhoooo, our duty is to deliver what we know, guidance comes only from Allah swt. :)
        May Allah swt guide all of us and keep us steadfast! Ameen <3

  5. x@hu says:

    I concurr! It’s a sad reality, but the truth is that for most Muslims, devotion to the Prophet (sallalaahu alayhi wasallam) has a kind of twisted definition. I mean, the blood boils if anyone insults him, but when his Sunnah is abandoned, evil is committed and Allah’s boundaries are crossed, they remain cold at heart. I do not get that!!

    What irritated me the most was being accused of having a deficiency in eeman because I didn’t condone the violence that took place. The hadith of about how our faith is incomplete if we do not love him more than our own parents, siblings, spouses and children were so often quoted and I guess that hadith was the foundation to justify their actions?

    Something I will never understand is why people refuse to open their minds and make the effort to learn about their deen. None, absolutely none of the knowledgeable and reputable scholars or da’ees condoned behaving in such a way. These are the people who study the deen and they all said it completely contradicts the Prophetic teachings. Only crazy people like Al-Qaeda waved their pom-poms! May Allah guide the foolish bombing people!

    p.s. Nouman Ali Khan’s khutbah was amazing wasn’t it? His frustration at the idiocy of these people really came out in his talk! I’ve never seen him so mad!

    • Nasmira says:

      That’s absolutely true sis!! I never understood these double standards of our ummah anyway..and there’s so much more to add in there..subhanAllah
      I’m yet to see the complete khutbah of Bro Nouman Ali Khan, didn’t get time yet but now that you said you’ve never seen him so mad, Im sure it must’ve been an amazing eye opener! :)
      Just left the video for buffering now! :) <3
      The change in this ummah needs to start from within…with our own families and relatives who have gone deviated. May Allah swt continue to guide us and give us the strength to help others too. Ameen

  6. cutesam28 says:

    Salam sis :) i wanted to ask you something related to your blog.. Can you tell me, which theme is this? Actually, me along with some of my friends are going to make a blog but no theme selected yet. I like yours so can you please tell me?

  7. Ashraf says:

    As Salamu ‘Alaikum,

    I like the picture you depicted about Muslims during protest and Fajr Salah. I feel neglecting Salah and Sunnah is more insult to Nabi Saw than kuffars doing their monkey businesses. Keep writing, dont stop the good ‘Amaals. May Allah elevate your status in Jannah

    • Nasmira says:

      Wa alaikum salam wr wb!!
      Yeah, there’s no place for giving preferences to anything beyond the Quran and sunnah coz that’s where true success can be achieved.
      Ameen to your dua. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala accept it from me.

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