Some Reflections Post Ramadan

This post has been long overdue. Alhamdulillah, had quite a memorable Ramadan for many many reasons. But the icing on the cake: Attended a jumuah khutbah given by my favourite speaker!

Guess who?!! :D

Our India’s very own Mirza Yawar Baig. He’s such a proud asset to my country, such an inspirational speaker for this ummah…and what makes it more special..we share the same city too.. =D

Ever since I found out he stays 15 minutes away from my home, I was shocked and saddened that I was not able to meet an awesome inspirational speaker and I only got a chance to see him on YouTube and stuff. Imagine my shock when I learnt he’s extremely close to my bro’s friend. Imagine my shock when I learnt Sh.Yawar Baig came all the way to my house to drop my bro off (and I didn’t even get a chance to say Hi Salam). And Imagine my shock when I learnt all of this 2 days later!

But alhamdulillah anyway, Allah swt gave me a super Friday gift, the last Friday of Ramadan when I got an sms at around 11 am informing me that he would be giving a khutbah in English at a mosque closeby. Need I say more?! I made sure the news reached my bro (before he could escape without taking me and his wife), got ready and we rushed to the mosque at 1:10 pm (10 minutes late..) but the khutbah was soo worth it, and more..

Ladies Special

I was impressed with the mosque. It was in the ground floor of a huge apartment, mashaAllah. The facilities in the women’s section were fabulous. In fact, I learnt they have accommodation for women all year round for all five prayers and not just Ramadan unlike other mosques which have “ladies exclusive” *only* during Ramadan. We need more mosques like these.

Air Conditioned and sparkling clean. Maybe an extra microphone in the ladies section could have helped, given the amount of noise the little kids were creating, but that didnt annoy me. What really annoyed me was the women who were chatting non-stop. I mean…khutbah people!!!! You are supposed to remain silent and listen. And here I had ladies giggle and talk and what not. That too, grown up ladies, mothers of teenage daughters. In fact, one woman received constant glares from her daughter. She would remain silent for a few seconds and start with her chit-chat immediately.

While it did seem hilarious later on, I could only imagine her frustration and embarrassment at her mother’s behaviour at that point of time.

However, the hall was filled up and we were running out of space mashaAllah, even though the halls were quite big..showed the huge amount of crowd that actually came in. I wasn’t surprised because it was an awesome speaker, the khateeb of that mosque delivering the khutbah, but still, alhamdulillah.

The Next Ummah mashaAllah! :’)

Apart from little kids making noise, which I didn’t mind really,  I was impressed to see many many many little girls, all of 6-8 years come all alone and pray! Wow!! I didn’t see them with their mothers or anyone. Maybe they stay in the same apartment and just had to come down to the mosque.. but still, wow! There was this little girl all of 7 years maybe, who came, sat next to me, was silent throughout the khutbah although I’m not sure how much she really understood. But she knew what to pray when, knew how many rakats, she knew everything..all of 6/7 years mashaAllah…and she just silently got up and went out after everything was done…after doing a super quick dua..i wonder what she asked Allah swt :)

Eid at my favourite mosque!

Eid was mashaAllah awesome. I was well and truly impressed with the hugeeeeee number of women and girls who had turned up. I think this was the largest gathering in the ladies section I’ve seen so far in that mosque.

Rant #2
Someone, please explain to me what problem ladies have in filling up the gaps? They leave gaps large enough for elephants to pass by! But why?! Ladies, why? How much does it cost to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your sisters in faith? And what do they do when someone asks them to fill the gap and not leave space = *giggle giggle*..what’s funny?

Two to four ladies had to repeatedly request the women to fill in the gaps, telling them this is not the way one prays. It was Eid and all but I was trying hard not to roll my eyes. In fact, I felt like dragging their shoulders and making them stand in the straight line. Its like their feet were planted to the ground or something, and they just stare instead of coming forward. Always!! Every Eid…so many requests they need to fill in the gaps.  subhanAllah..

A Huge Regret

I wouldnt forget the 23rd of Ramadan though. I remember reading a post by Yahya Adel Ibrahim telling that he might have just witnessed a laylatul qadr sunrise…he specified it was just a *chance* and not a complete *possibility*, but my world just seemed to have fallen apart. The more I thought about it, the more I started regretting and wondered if I made enough dua, if I asked all that I wanted to on a night when your provisions are written, when the angels outnumber the number of pebbles on Planet Earth, when they say ameen for you..the blessed night!!

The regret was unimaginable..and honestly,I’ve never regretted anything so much in my life, ever. And that’s when I thought, subhanAllah, what would my regret amount to on the Day of Judgment, when I look back and think why I wasted time on that or why I didn’t make enough isthighfar or why I didn’t make du’a or why I behaved the way I behaved..subhan’Allah, the regret was crazy but as they say, the laylatul qadr is a part of the unseen and Allah swt knows best why He made sure we don’t know the exact night. We are supposed to fully exert ourselves on the last 10 days of Ramadan so I didnt give up thinking maybe, just maybe, it wasnt lalylatul qadr..but the regret was weighing extremely heavy.

Until on 27th. Muammad al Shareef was constantly conducting photo sessions on twitter asking tweeples to send their sunrise pics from different parts of the world. After 27th night of Ramadan, he put up an emotional message that it might have just been a laylatul qadr sunrise he witnessed…I remember making truck loads of dua that night..the most extensive dua list ever, I think..

While many in my friends lists were eager to see sunrise the next day, this was the message shared between me and Potential Hijabi :P

Potential Hijabi: tried to see it (sunrise) from my place .. couldn’t see anything except buildings unsure:/

Me: lol..buildings it seems..u should have gone to the terrace (to see the sun) :P

Potential Hijabi: From the terrace only :P … I think first time in my life I went on the terrace for fajr tongue:P Couldnt see :/

Oh! and me..I just slept right after fajr …after all the sunrise.. sunset,  yes rays,  no rays stuff, I slept happily ever after!

*Sigh* Life of two girls living in a crazy world!

For those of you who might be thinking you missed out on the blessings of laylatul qadr, then this beautiful jumuah khutbah which Muhammad al Shareef gave soon after, might be helpful inshaAllah.

anywhooooo…..I pray Allah swt accepts our fasts and forgives us for our shortcomings and allows us to witness another Ramadan and another laylatul qadr! Ameen. And next time, I will be on the terrace after fajr everyday inshaAllah :D


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2 Responses to Some Reflections Post Ramadan

  1. Nasmiiii.. awesome post, mashaAllah! :D :P

    Hahah you actually put our conversation here :P Hehe.. But on a serious note, the guilt that filled me after that 23rd night was such a driving force to make loads of dua on 26th night!! SubhanAllah. You know especially after the type of Ramadan I was having, that night gave me so much relief, having that long emotional conversation with Allah(Swt) was such a eeman booster and brought SOO much serenity to my heart, alhumdulillah! And you know (ok I don’t rem if I told you this that day, but I’ll say it again anyway :P) while waiting to check out the sunrise.. I actually felt bad that the night had come to an end and now that meant I had to go back to my daily chores in dunya. I didn’t want that feeling of being closed to my beloved, Al-wadood, to go away! </3

    and Ameeen to your dua! yes inshaAllah next year me tooo wana check out sunrise every morning.. oh wait I forgot I cant :/ anyway .. you check out and tell me :P.. send pictures everyday ;) and let's motivate each other to stay up everyday ok? InshaAllah! :) May Allah accept our prayers, duas, and all acts of worship from this Ramadan and give us the privilege of being a part of the next Ramadan!

    • Nasmira says:

      I had to put our conversation here..still can’t get over it..”buildings” it year inshaAllah sure! :) :P
      Oh! you didn’t tell me that…and I completely get your feeling of not wanting the night to end, or for that matter, wanting Ramadan itself to end! This was the first time I felt so horrible that it was as if my Lord would not be accessible or something..but I was so stupid obviously… I read a comment/status somewhere where it said “the month of Ramadan is slowly slipping away but the Mercy of your Lord will always remain” and that brought a lot of peace to my heart alhamdulillah. Sometimes you just need these little little assurances from somewhere to tell you He swt is always there :’)
      Ameen to your dua! :)

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