Sparkles.Sunshine.Gold Dust.Rain

Spread some smiles. Trying to overlook the lies. Fickle minds having hearts even lighter than a feather. They twists and turn in whichever direction the wind blows stronger, trying to support whoever they perceive to be stronger; and then change sides in a split second. Naïve!

Sparkles of rainbow paint my eyes. The ups and downs of varied colours, playing peek-a-boo. The sunshine: an overdose at times. With fluffy clouds covering it up once in while, tries to bring a balance between rays and lies.

Sparkles, sunshine, gold dust, rain: A little bit of everything, “life” they say. Complaints I’ve received and given; some legit, some not so really. Still learning the paths and grooves of life. Never ending process of adapting and adopting the paths that have already been traversed by some, other lanes yet to be discovered and a few more roads to carve and create!

Smile more importantly when the roads become intricate like a maze. I keep going round n round. How does one exit? Some roads are narrow, almost suffocating me with tears and emotions and some are so wide and open I can feel a splash of paradise, but how to reach eternity?

I collect some flowers that wave at me, some thorns I remove and others I allow to pierce me. It bleeds a little, but it’ll heal anyway. The maze! Damn! It bleeds even after crossing many roads ahead. It bleeds even when I just think about it. Why? It bleeds maybe because it never healed? I don’t seem to enjoy this maze sometimes. Where’s the sunshine, sparkles, gold dust and rain?!

The sun plays peek-a-boo through the trees and leaves. The stars shine at the same time too. How weird! How can the sun and stars be out together? They wink at me..sarcasm maybe? The overprotective clouds cover them all!

And I continue to move around the maze. One step forward, four steps backward. Where’s the finish line Oh Allah? I want my soul to dance with the clouds. I want the sparkles to lighten up my heart. I want the scars to get scared and leave me. Forever.

I wont stop till I finish the race because after the battle is won, there would be no other war to fight ever again. Eternal bliss is all that shall remain. Sparkles. Gold dust. Sunshine. Rain. A Little bit of sun maybe, but this time it shall welcome me!


About Nasmira

Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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7 Responses to Sparkles.Sunshine.Gold Dust.Rain

  1. Maryam says:

    Awesome post MashaAllah! I love the first three paragraphs and the last para is theee bessttt! You know the words you’ve used in this piece makes me feel as if a fairy is sprinkling magic dust or the sparkle from the swish of her wand…lol … Don’t mind me, I fantasize a lot! :P

    • Nasmira says:

      lol!! :D but those were exactly my thoughts too…some rainbow..and gold dust sparkling
      so I could be in some la-la land…lol XD
      I fantasise just as much btw. ;)
      Jazakallah khair for dropping by habibti! <3

  2. subu says:

    Loved.. loved.. loved this post totally! Its so magical:) “some thorns I remove and other I ALLOW to pierce me” How true are those words.

  3. Love ittttttt!!!! <3 mashaAllah .. awesome! :) Sucha feel good post! <3 <3 :D
    and love the pic soo much .. mashaAllah mashaAllah.. good going *pat pat* :P

    • Nasmira says:

      :D :D :D thank you!!
      u know..i used to watch this cartoon called Shin Chan on Hungama TV some 3-4 years back and he would actually turn back..blush and laugh cheekily, then say “hehehehe…taareef karne ke liye shukriya”
      If you can picture him, then that’s exactly my reaction right now :D :D :D
      and if you haven’t watched that cartoon..then oh have no idea what you’re missing! :D :P lol!!

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