Niche Heroes Dragons

“One of the sections I really loved at Muhammad Alshareef‘s NicheHero was dealing with concept of “dragons” or those things that prevent you from fulfilling your dreams and becoming happy. The two main “dragons” are: Criticism and procrastination…..”

While reading a longer part of the message above, I was wondering how the two dragons try to pull us down. Criticism is inevitable. The moment you try doing something new, you’ll have a million “advices” as to why it would be foolish to venture out in a new field. Procrastination, as I’ve always maintained, is an amazing product of Satan’s many masterpieces.

Trick here: Listen to your inner voice and a strong intuition which says what might work and what wouldn’t. Your intuition is almost always correct.


Venture into the paths of unknown and carve new roads for others to travel and marvel at.  Do your homework, put your trust in Allah (swt) and don’t look back ever again.

The learning curve is amazing. I wouldn’t say its easy, because its not. But doing what others do will make you ordinary, not extraordinary.

Why be a tiny speck of sand in this big wide world when you can actually be a sparkling star that winks at people from above and says “Look where I reached because of the conviction I had in my abilities and the trust I placed in the Lord Who made it happen.”

So, are you ready to kick the external dragon (criticism) and internal dragon (procrastination) out of your life and become extraordinary? Etch your name in people’s lives, leave an impact in this world and prepare a beautiful abode in the Hereafter?

This would *only* happen when you team up with like-minded individuals. Yes! From all that I’ve seen, the company you have has a profound effect on how you think and the goals you want to set for yourself.

Reminds me of a quote which says, “If you are an eagle, don’t mingle with chickens, chickens can’t fly.”


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