From Habibi Halaqas and Productive Muslim Team..!!


Ramadan has started with a banggg! =) However, with a sudden imaan rush, it is extremely crucial to not burn out sooner than required. Losing steam can turn out to be a spiritual and physical disaster.

Meanwhile, if you are wondering how you could have a productive Ramandan (given that I’m Productive Muslim’s unofficial nutritionist and ambassador :P), check out the pic below. I’d personally take a print out of it and distribute it to family n friends……Yeah, you might be thinking I’m way toooo biased towards Productive Muslim but common..who doesn’t love these doodles :D)

Meanwhile, Habibi Halaqas, an amazing website with an amazing team of sisters I’m extremely privileged and honoured to work with, have come up with a super awesome project this Ramadan: Memorize 30 AYAHS of surah Fussilat! (I’ll be sharing a personal tip towards the end of this post, inshaAllah)..

Surah Fussilat is an extremely deep surah and addresses a lot of different themes but to best summarize all the themes put together it is to dismantle falsehood present in a society but at the same time the surah also presents and explains how falsehood can be overcome. Fussilat means something that has been explained in a great amount of detail. Surah Fussilat gives a strategy to the believers. The strategy being – ‘What they have to follow or do in order to overcome the falsehood that has become dominant within the society’. Surah Fussilat demonstrates how the main tool for dawah is the Blessed Qur’an. This surah also focuses and encourages the Muslims to be kind, forgiving and lenient when dealing with the people.


Lets do this together inshaAllah! Invite your friends & family to be a part of this noble goal for Ramadan! Click the link below for details..!!

Here’a a personal experience I’d like to share. While memorizing a surah or even a few verses, get a Quran buddy or recite the verses aloud. As a 6/7 year old kid, I’d always stand next to my mum every time she prayed and would ask her to recite everything she said in prayer aloud so that I could imitate the same. Just by listening to what she would say, I ended up memorizing the last ten surahs even before I could recite the Quran fluently.

When I was studying for Masters, the handful of Muslim girls living in my University’s premises would get together after Asr, before Maghrib and we would recite Surah Yaseen and Surah Mulk together and aloud. Now, when you hear the verses aloud, the chances of these sentences penetrating your hearts and minds are a lot faster and more effective than when reciting them alone or silently.

Unbelievable as it may seem, I ended up memorizing both Surah Yaseen and Surah Mulk in less than a month just by listening to it aloud!! Not to forget…I’m not a native Arab and the surahs are not short ones either..but it was way easier to memorize it in a group when recited aloud. Additionally, remember the immense amount of blessings the angels would be showering you with when you get together for Allah’s sake?! :)

So yeah..get together,  spread some peace, earn extra ajr and learn the words of the Glorious Book that Allah (swt) specifically chose to gift us with!

So, here’s me wishing you a Productive and Blessed Ramadan on behalf of Habibi Halaqas and Productive Muslim Team! :)


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Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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6 Responses to From Habibi Halaqas and Productive Muslim Team..!!

  1. Khanum says:

    This is a great post. I had something similar in store to speak on and I think its best time to blog that. Jazak Allah for reminder and inspiration. Ill share the productive muslim image too.

  2. Bob Othman says:

    Beautiful graphics in a beautiful article, masyaallah. Just sharing my method of memorizing, it’s more easier since you are only doing an ayat a day. Repeat the ayat minimum 100 times. You do not even have to memorize it, it will stick to your memory permanently, insyaallah. At night, combine the ayats from previous days. You can do this!

    • Nasmira says:

      Wow…mashaAllah..that’s a new technique I’m hearing..sounds quite interesting too.
      JazakumAllahu khayran for sharing this tip..
      InshaAllah I’m going to try it out very soon :)

  3. Azra Jamal says:

    Assalamu alaykum
    I am currently studying an undergraduate degree in Psychology with Education Studies (Bsc). For my final year dissertation, I have chosen to research the topic of Ramadan and explore the lived experience, spiritual benefits and challenges of this Holy month. I will be analyzing online diary entries of Ramadan that people have posted.
    I will be working with a supervisor to assist me throughout my research project. He is an experienced researcher with an interest in Islamic perspectives. Having researched this topic, there have been many papers published on the health implications of Ramadan but much less academic work on the spiritual aspects. As a Muslim psychology student, I have chosen to study deeper into experiential accounts of fasting in Ramadan as it is an under researched area.
    I hope your diary entry can be one of the entries that can assist me into exploring experiences of Ramadan. To be ethical and respectful, I intend to only include on-line material from individuals who have given me consent by e-mail. If you are willing for me to include your web-posts in my analysis then please reply as I will only be able to proceed with your e-mailed consent.
    If you would like to discuss potential inclusion of your postings further before making a final decision then please contact me at the same address. Please be assured that you are under no obligation to agree to your data being included after our e-mail exchange if you decide to not give consent.
    You are also welcome to e-mail my supervisor Dr Iain Williamson at ….. if you wish.
    Thank you
    Azra Jamal

    • Nasmira says:

      Wa alaikum salam wr wb!

      I’ve sent a reply to your email id.
      Also, I’ve deleted your email address in the comments section to safeguard your privacy. :)
      Please feel free to contact me for any type of assistance inshaAllah!
      May your research project be blessed. Ameen!

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