*Ahem*.. :)


Firstly, I apologise to all those who commented on my blog and didn’t get my reply immediately. I wasn’t able to approve your comment or reply coz I was busyyyy with exams and had a lot of studying to do, and therefore the delay..alhamdulillah..done with it!!

So, folks are judging me based on what they read on this blog.. *ahem* :)

Okay, to clear things up, firstly, this blog was created as an outlet, to let out my emotions and thoughts, which are subject to change as and when they feel like..

Obviously what I’ve written 6 months before may not seem the right opinion now..and what I write now may not necessarily be the same views I hold a year from now..because as with anything, we grow and learn and mature with each passing day.

The words may seem a little too sharp and arrogant for comfort, but that’s always the case with words…when you read something, you don’t read it along with the writer’s emotions, you read it the way YOU feel at that point of time..

Unfortunately words and letters don’t carry emotions. When you hear the words, things are totally different.

Therefore, although some posts of mine may seem to be a little too arrogant, that most certainly is not the case. I’m assertive, yes, but I’m not arrogant.

A post may seem angry, but is most certainly not what it is, because when I do get angry, I don’t sit and type..I don’t talk..and I most definitely do not publish posts for the whole world to see, when I’m angry…I remain silent (Prophetic way..that’s right) :)

The posts may seem a little too over-confident for comfort and may even look egoistical, but it is not. Those who know me on a personal level know that I and ego are faaaaaaaar apart. Ask those small group of friends with whom I share a close bond and they’ll swear that I don’t even know how to boast.. forget about being egoistic.

I may seem to be a little too outspoken, but meet me personally and I will not utter a word more than what’s required and might be a little toooo silent for comfort. Just because I speak so much online does not necessarily mean I voice my opinion and tell I’m right and every other person is wrong when you meet me in real, I DONT!

Leave me in a group and you’ll hardly hear my voice..making it almost seem like I’m an introvert. Fact is, I’m just not that comfortable with opening my mouth and speaking on just about anything and everything. That does not mean I’m an introvert. That just means I take a long time to socialise.  :)

I may have a different ideology from you, but that does not mean I don’t respect your ideologies or differences. That’s how we humans are made, end of the day. I will respect your opinion if you believe so, and will not interfere and will even listen to what you have to say (if you are in a state of authority over me, and that includes parents and spouse ONLY). I would obviously listen to those in authority because my Lord has commanded me to, and I DO NOT question Allah’s hikmah and go like the so called “liberating feminists” who say they don’t need to listen to men.

I DON’T do that, because I don’t question Allah’s commandments. So when Allah (swt) says “Listen to your parents and obey them”, I do it. When my religion says “You have to listen to your spouse and obey him”, I will obey. Of course, as long as either of them don’t force me into shirk, I will obey them. Naturally, if I’m forced into endorsing shirk, I don’t have to listen to either of them and that again is Allah’s order..not my own.

You need to know me on a personal level to really know what and who I am. Reading a couple of posts will not do the trick. There’s a reason I’ve kept settings in such a way that I personally monitor each comment before approving them. :)

I know..I owe this explanation to no one..but because people, and more importantly strangers, are judging/might judge me based on some stuff they see here, its always better to clear things up and not let the Satan to interfere in between :)

(Why is this post filled with smilies, you may ask..because I didn’t want people to think I’m angry while posting this…that’s why!)

Salam Folks! (Peace)


About Nasmira

Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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10 Responses to *Ahem*.. :)

  1. x@hu says:


    (ok… that might not be the appropriate response to this post, but the last line totally cracked me up! thank you for explaining the smilies… I almost didn’t get it :P)

    I agree with what you said about our views changing as we grow and learn. I started blogging in 2008, and my posts then were drastically different from what I write now. In fact, had you seen them, you might even think I was suffering from some kind of personality disorder :P

    I personally think it just shows how small-minded people can be when they form instant opinions about someone. Especially strangers. I’m a bit surprised you felt the need to explain because I don’t think any of your posts come across as snobbish. In fact, I don’t see any reason why you have to be defensive :)

    (um…..maybe I should go re-read your posts to see what other people are seeing? :P)

    • Nasmira says:

      lol!! :D
      Your “lol” was not out of context here.. I didn’t mind it one bit..haha…
      Well, before posting this, I ended up checking out all my previous posts too..and was wondering, but then again..what seems okay to me may not be okay to someone else..so clearing things up will always help both parties.. :D
      lol @ your personality disorder comment..btw..I was stalking your blog right now..and successfully commented on a couple of them (its sooo difficult to publish comments on blogger sometimes.. :) )
      Thank u so much for dropping by! :)
      Love reading your comments!!

  2. ummkhaleel says:

    Yeah totally agree with Sis Xahu! I don’t understand why you should even explain yourself when none of your posts come off as offensive or rude or arrogant or.. (what else did they call you lol?). But khayr insha’Allah, you know yourself better than others who have never met you before. Writing on blogs does not necessarily reflect entirely about a person… it’s like you can write a post that goes ‘lol lol lol..’ 100 times and that does not mean you’re actually laughing to yourself or literally ‘laughing out loud’ or that.. you’re crazy lol. I mean it’s just not possible to judge someone based on that can we? lol.. (sorry for the poor analogy)

    anyway, glad you’re cool about it.. just don’t stop writing yea? :)

    • Nasmira says:

      I had to “lol” many times when I read your comment!! :D
      In fact..I’m ROFL! :D :D
      aww..no one called me anything *yet* but well…let things rest for now.. :)
      Was thinking of making this blog private…but i don’t think I will..so yeah..I’m writing for now,, :)

  3. subu says:

    Ahem! 1. I was wondering if you would ever speak (not write) all those, clarify all those. :D 2. Someone, I assume, actually succeeded in irking you (surprised). 3. On a lighter side, yes, I have seen you grow up :)4. I think people should understand what they perceive about others may not necessarily be who they are. 5. I don’t know if it is irrelevant but I found the picture too cute to not mention it here.

    • Nasmira says:

      lol booo!! :)
      No one has irked me *yet*..but just felt this was necessary *just in case*, u know…
      Gosh!! I feel like a celebrity these days ;) :P
      and point 4, I’ve grown up akka???? Really!?!?! *Jumps in excitement* :D
      Eggs with eyes are always super cute..in fact all the egg pics I’ve seen so far are super cute! :D

  4. Khanum says:

    Uff Nasmira u speak alot n u think alot what people might think! You are best to me and u are best to everyone that is it. case closed. :P toodles n walaikum salam!

    • Nasmira says:

      I very rarely think about what others think..it was never my concern and will never be..what they think is their business..not mine..
      Im best to u coz you are best to me..as simple as that! :)

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