Dear “Well Wishers”!

SubhanAllah. It’s been an “eventful” week/fortnight.

“Do the people think that they will be left to say, “We believe” and they will not be tried?” (Glorious Quran: 29:2). Every single time I read this verse, my guts cry out in fear and it seems like the ground beneath me would just give way.

Wow! Its not easy to stand up and live by the principles you’ve set for yourself in a society which believes to follow the crowd.

It most certainly is not easy when you want to show people the “truth”, when their hearts and eyes have been sealed. But, “verily falsehood will be defeated”

It certainly is not easy to stand up to certain values and believe in them, to show the others around that certain things that are not permissible are simply NOT permissible. Yes, there’s no place for culture here, there’s no place for idiotic customs which you lived by for centuries, there is no place for bigoted foolishness in Islam.

Dear “Well Wishers”…

If you want to follow this religion, just do it wholeheartedly and submit yourself. That’s what Islam means: to submit to the Highest Power. Throw your foolishness and your idiotic customs that easily border towards shirk or are complete manifestations of shirk. They have no place in Islam.

You either hear and obey or you pack your bags and seek a different lifestyle or religion which allows you to manipulate things according to your desires, according to your pleasures, according to your miserly gains, according to your cruelty, according to your form of oppression, according to your selfishness.

When Allah (swt) says, “Do not oppress”, you do not oppress others with your beliefs. If you refuse to accept the truth, so be it. Do not force your falsehood upon others and set yourself up for destruction.

Honestly, I don’t need your certificate of approval. My Lord is sufficient for me.

But NO, I don’t complain because I love the slanderers. They transfer their good deeds into my account without I having to do anything, they give unasked.

And if I have to be slandered for standing upon Al-Haqq: The Truth, then so be it, because none of you across the vastness of the seas or those high up in the mountains can harm me unless Allah (swt) gives you the permission.

At the most, you can utter falsehood, but if only you knew how costly a mistake that is, if only you knew how quickly you’re digging up your place in Hellfire with your tongue. If only you knew the dishonour your bringing upon yourself on the Day of Judgment for the Entire Creation to see.

SubhanAllah! Its not easy if you’re girl living in a male dominated chauvinistic society. When I stand up for what this religion is about and crush innumerable bida’h and shirk that easily penetrates my society, I don’t ask the rest of them to adhere to every single letter or word I say. Guidance will only come from Allah (swt), not from me. And anyone who knows me well, will know that I’m never a person who goes about screaming, “This is bid’ah. That is shirk. OMG! You believe that shabe-e-barat was today! Or OMG! You actually believe in celebrating the prophet’s birthday, don’t you know there’s no place for all such stuff in Islam? That hadeeth is weak or fabricated.OMG OMG!”

I never do that, not because I don’t want others to know the truth, but quite simply because, like Nouman Ali Khan said, “There are bigger problems this Ummah is facing. Debating whether celebrating Prophet’s birthday is bidah or shirk or haram or sunnah is not the issue today, the issue is: the youth are not coming to the mosques for prayer, etc. etc.”

I never end up preaching or exerting my beliefs upon others, but I do tell them what is and isn’t, coz I don’t want to be held accountable for hiding information from people,  and so what do I get for this? Not once, not twice, but I’ve heard this countless times, “The only reason she speaks so much is because she has that pride, that arrogance that she comes from a big city, that she has studied so much. She is voicing her opinion on everything. She being a girl..she..she..she..”

When I hear these words being uttered about me, I laugh my head out and then wonder, “Wow! How quick are you folks to judge, how tough will your accounting be on the Day of Judgement for what you utter?!” Hail the slanderers and backbiters, they give unasked.

They make it sound like its okay for boys to voice their opinions but not okay for girls. Really! On the Day of Judgement, my dear kith and kin, Allah (swt) will not do gender discrimination like you do. Allah (swt) will not say, “Because he is a boy, its okay; you being a girl! How dare you!?”. He will NOT because He is The-Just. The only scale you will be judged on is piety. Double standards will take you nowhere and the standards you set up and live by will be the cause for your own downfall!

Those who are so ignorant about this religion and are ready to go to any lengths to get their point across, especially those who all of a sudden seem to have a say into what’s happening in MY life, especially those who are ready to bend Islam through whatever means they can in order to fulfill their worldly desires, being completely neglectful that on the Day when every soul will be questioned, they might have no answer, I just have this to say:

You cannot be a part-time Muslim, you either accept everything Allah (swt) has said, or you don’t.

You hear and you obey, you don’t manipulate the rules according to your desires or your “intellect”.

And when you don’t have the knowledge, kindly shut up stay silent. Don’t preach falsehood like Iblees.

Don’t force others into bid’ah and all sorts of madness just because you do it!

Lastly, please get a life!!


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12 Responses to Dear “Well Wishers”!

  1. ummkhaleel says:

    Wow.. I can tell that this is written straight from the heart. Someone must have really affected you negatively yea? Just remember that, when you are striving to be a better Muslimah, there will always be people who will try to pull you down with them.. and there’s where you will learn about Sabr. I was listening to a lecture about Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam recently about how he was most respected in his society before Islam came. When he came with the message to the people, they shunned him away despite knowing that he is one of the most truthful and honest person in that society… so when you bring truth to people, shaitan finds his way to disguise it with falsehood such as people giving excuses that ‘you are a girl and that you should be silent’ when reality is, they cannot accept the truth. I remind myself and you too, to be patient.. da’wah is not always easy but you know the rewards is great right? :)

    • Nasmira says:

      yeah..that’s true..and also, what irritates me more is the fact that they behave super sweet in front of me. I mean, “if you really want to pass judgements, do it on my face people, why talk behind my back”?! It doesn’t hurt me much, but it does irritate me that they want me to accept falsehood. I don’t push them into accepting truth so why do they even bother?! subhanAllah! I’m surrounded by craziness at times, I tell
      This post was written as soon as I finished studying for my seerah exam yesterday, so maybe that explains the anger, a little bit more…lol
      I don’t usually rant online…this was an unusual post but I wont be taking it down for anything inshaAllah! :)

  2. x@hu says:

    This is a heartfelt rant! I feel your frustration, but as Umm Khaleel said, this is how we learn Sabr. Although I confess Sabr and I are not best friends yet, but I think insha Allah, we’re getting there :)

    Al-hamdulillahi gender discrimination is not an issue in my society, but yeah, backbiting and slander totally is. I especially hate lines like “oh look, it’s her, the oh-so-pious girl” and the condescending manners.

    Nouman Ali Khan once said in a lecture that when we feel like the oddball within our family and friends, we should remember that there is a reason Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala has placed us smack dab in the middle of bid’ah, shirk and ignorance.

    Hehehe, reminds me of a quote from Dumbledore when he said, evil can never be eradicated, but you have to constantly fight it to keep it at bay. So here’s to speaking up for the Haqq, even when the frustration strangles us! :P

    • Nasmira says:

      Your comment was quite thought provoking X@hu…Thanks for dropping by…
      Backbiting and slander are people’s favourite pass time worldwide! Sabr: NOT EASY at times!! :P
      And Dumbledore said that!! ?? *Sigh*its been soo long since I read Harry Potter..

  3. Bint Maqsood says:

    LOL! Subhan’Allah I love it and can relate to it very well. =)
    Jazak’Allah, its good to know that I’m not the only one being “judged” :)
    May Allah bless you with best of both the worlds. Aaameen :)

  4. elijah says:

    Islam is not as much complicated in other parts of the world as we see its practice in our society.You are right that people mould it according to their needs and comfort.On day of shab e barat you would have seen the ignorance prevailing since ages and so many such things are practiced and preached in the name of religion at larger level.No religious leader comes forward and stop all such falsehood because they themselves are sole responsible of all these bid’ah.

  5. Khanum says:

    :) I really needed to read a piece like that. you spoke my mind. Thank you for writing it

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