Keep Walking…

“Every day I get closer to our Meeting. 
I feel like I’ve been walking this path for a thousand years
Towards You…
And yet I’m still not there.
So close, and yet so far still

But I keep walking,
Despite the tears,
Despite the wind,
Despite the skinned knees and broken bones,
Despite the bruises and scars that make this heart what it is today,

I keep walking…
Towards You.
There’s only one direction, one direction:
Towards You.
From You, to You.
I have nothing else.
That is my poverty.

I keep walking
Because behind every sun’s setting is a rising,
Behind every storm is a Refuge,
Behind every fall is a rise,
Behind every tear is a cleansing of the eyes.
And in every spot you’ve ever been stabbed, is a healing,
And the creation of skin stronger than it was.

I keep walking
Because wallahi I have nothing but Your mercy.
I have nothing but Your promise
Your words
Your promise
That: “O mankind, indeed you are labouring toward your Lord with [great] exertion and will meet it. (Glorious Quran, 84: 6)” ~ Yasmin Mogahed

I have nothing more to say, nothing more to add, the poem from Yasmin has summed up everything I’m going through at the moment. The yearning to be there. The waves of imaan lows hitting me one after the other. But beyond all of this, I know there is a Refuge. And as low as it is right now, there is only ONE answer, ONE relief, because the more I’m plunging down in the sea of darkness, more hazy the focus, more distorted the final destination, the more low my imaan is dipping, there is an answer: it can only get better than this. This imman will rise back up to what it was and better, because after hitting rock bottom, there is only one way: Rising Up.

Yes, I will not give in just because it is an imaan low, I will not, because as long as I keep turning to Allah (swt), He will not let me fall, He will not throw me into the gallows of this dunya, He will not let me to fight it alone, He will be with me giving His guidance and showering His Mercy. And so I will keep walking…..


About Nasmira

Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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7 Responses to Keep Walking…

  1. Ayesha says:

    masha’Allah.. nice! Alhamdulillah Allah is very merciful, we should never be in despair regarding His mercy, we always have time to turn towards Him before we return to Him!

  2. atie says:

    Assalamualaikum Nasmira

    I read this poem just after my fajr prayer…the effect is exactly like a patient who had just been given medication, now relaxing and sound asleep. My heart yearns for this kind of medication. Hope, devotion, submission…only to Allah the Almighty will I submit myself…..

    Thanks for sharing this, sis. InsyaAllah today will be a wonderful day for you and me and all our Brothers and sisters everywhere in this world. Ameen.

    Take care now, sis ♥ Wassalam.

    • Nasmira says:

      awww…what a beautiful comment sis! Its a lovely poem indeed. Ameen to your dua!! :) :)
      May allah swt bless us all, give us peace and reunite us in Jannah! Ameen

  3. Oh Nasmi :’) I so know what you mean!! <3

    You know I've realised when I have the iman low days.. I am less optimistic and productive :/ .. May Allah strengthen our iman and increase taqwa in our hearts!

    P.S. I love this poem! <3 Just like all the other beautiful works of Sista Yasmin

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