Silence: A Form of Acceptance

No words, no amount of tears can do justice to what’s happening in Syria. This silence of mine is a silent form of acceptance and approval to what’s happening. The least I can do is speak out, but against whom and do what, many would ask. Most of us are probably living continents apart and feel helpless. While the world remains a mute spectator, the silence of the believer is an even bitter pill to swallow.

What makes anyone think that I would not be held accountable for what’s happening? Yet what can I do? I tell you of a weapon that’s so powerful and destructive that it can overturn Qadr (destiny). The weapons is called dua.. NO..don’t tell me you know about it..don’t tell you pray for Syria. Not the kind of prayer where we spend a couple of minutes or less and rush off, not the kind of prayer where we mention it in a fleeting second and forget about the rest, but rather the kind of prayer which we would do when our hearts cry out in fear, the type of dua that makes us fall on our knees in despair if we were hurt that way (nauthubillah), the type of dua where Allah sees our sincerity echoing from the corners of the world..that’s a real and heartfelt sincere dua..and a dua so powerful that it can change what’s happening, inshaAllah.

I will not talk about the atrocities being committed, because I’m not that strong or brave to read or watch those kind of news reports. All I wanna do is make dua to give Syrians the sabr, to give me a heart to cry out to ease their pain and a dua for a better tmrw with Assad heading wherever he rightfully needs to head.

There are few instances in my life where I could say “I’m glad Allah (swt) created something like Hell”. But, if one can wield weapons and slash children’s faces, if one could drop bombs at their own ppl, if one could bury a man alive just because he said there is no God but Allah, then may Assad’s fall be just as humiliating, disgraceful and painful.

Although I haven’t admitted this openly, I do so now. There were moments when I would pray asking Allah (swt) to help that monster see through. Pray for the oppressed and the oppressor, Prophet (pbuh) said. In the end, as a believer, you are supposed to pray for others to be guided no matter how much they sinned.. its the sunnah way of doing it anyway. More importantly, I wouldn’t want anyone to pray for my destruction!

Prophet (pbuh) prayed for his staunchest enemies. There were moments when I was still praying for Assad to be guided. After the Houla Massacre, I’ve stopped praying for the oppressor,  I dunno whether it is right or wrong, but now, I  have only one thing in mind: Hell and Assad seem to fit perfectly into the spectrum of things.

The ppl who need duas NEED duas, from every single believer. Never underestimate the power of dua. They need it most and there might come a time when u and I need it from others too.  (nauthubillah)

Its just a matter of time. Allah (swt) will not test them more than what they can bear, but He sure is testing us who are living in the comforts of our houses, to see if we strive to do something to help the oppressed: At least with prayers!

What will I answer on the Day of Judgement?

I leave you with this video:



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