Despair Not!

“When you are hurt by the people who share blood relations with you, recall Prophet Joseph (Yusuf) [alayhi salaam] who was also betrayed by his brothers.

When you find your parents opposing you (in religion) recall Prophet Abraham (Ibraheem) [alayhi salaam] who was made to jump into a blazing fire by his father.

When you are mocked and abused by your own relatives just because you adopted Islam over duniya, recall Prophet Mohammad [sallalhu alaihi wa sallam] who faced the same.

When you are stuck into some problem and find no way out recall Prophet Jonah (Yunus) [alayhi salaam] who was stuck inside the belly of a whale.

When you fall ill and your whole body cries in pain, recall Prophet Job (Ayoob) [alayhi salaam] who was more ill than you.

When you see some physical fault in yourself, recall Prophet Moses (Musa) [alayhi salam] who could not properly speak.

When someone slanders you, recall Ay’esha [radiallahu anha] who was also slandered throughout the city.

When you can’t see any logic in what’s going on and your heart asks why this is happening, recall Prophet Noah (Nuh) [alayhi salaam] who built the Ark without questioning.

Subhan’Allah! Allah put all those great personalities in trial so that the generations to follow may learn a lesson in patience and perseverance.” ~ Farah Visual Arts

Beautiful..ain’t it?! :)

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12 Responses to Despair Not!

  1. Very very beautiful.. MashAllah! :) I wanted to steal it from your status and store it in my blog too! :P

  2. sketchedsoul says:

    Jazaki’Allahu khair for this post :)

  3. Serenity Pearls says:

    Salam wrwb, this post is so soothing mashaAllah. Just exactly what we need when we are feeling down: a reminder that hardships are tests sent down from Allah swt and we should feel gratitude that Alhamdulillah this was the sifat of the prophets that they used to get such hardships :) Of course our troubles fade in comparison! But nonetheless it is motivating to remember the lives of our prophets. I loved the one about the ark of Hadra Noah (as) there are lot of things that we religiously do that may seem odd to others and at times even to ourselves. But we must think that it is for Allah’s sake that we do what we do. Jazakillah khayr so much for sharing! I feel so much at peace after reading this!

    • Nasmira says:

      Wa alaikum salam wr wb dear sis! :)
      Alhamdulillah!! Barakallahu feek!
      Absolutely, it was a very soothing post I saw the other day on FB and had to share…
      There’s a huge lesson to learn after every difficulty and also after every blessing…everything from Him is a test! subhanAllah!

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  5. SubhanAllah! This is a really nice reminder and inspiration! I have shared this on my blog too! :)

    Jazakillahu khairan sister!

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