Deadlines and more Deadlines

  • Has been a hectic week this..Had to rush off with mid terms of my second sem (managed to complete alhamdulillah) BUT there’s a joy in finishing things off at the last minute..isn’t it? :P Just when the test deadline is about to finish and the computer generated website CLOSES…you hit the ‘submit answers’ button JUST in TIME and magically expect the internet connection to hit rocket I love that pressure which I bring upon myself (I procrastinator KID)
  • A Textbook to be edited (Deadline: 2 weeks) *Gulp*
  • A recipe article for Habibi Halaqas.. now I hate cooking and anything to do with it coming up with recipes or formulating my own..its detestable…I’m a person who would switch on the flame, place a pan, pour some oil followed by onions and STARE>>wondering what goes in next and secretly expecting a magical dish to come out from thin when asked to write an article about recipes I was clearly not very enthu about it..but well throws challenges, as they can talk about any food group non stop and tell you why you should eat that and not this..but just don’t ask me what ingredient you could use in place of that.. don’t ask me because I DON’T know…so just in case you stumble upon my article on recipes, just read and implement.. don’t ask for substitutes :P (For nutritional counselling:you’re welcome!:) )   Deadline :11th May *bites nails*
  • Another article for Productive Muslim : Deadline :14th May *bites more nails*
  • Painting…my hands are itching to paint…the colors..the way they mix..the smell..the messiness that comes along..I wanna paint NOW (NO deadline strangely)
  • So, I joined twitter to follow people, least I expected was someone to follow me..well..that did happen…people started following me and I guess that’s the only place where I don’t mind people stalking me or rather ‘following’ me.. :P But I find Twitter interesting..just like all the other addicting websites around..but what’s interesting is Bro Nader comes up with “Lets start a hashtag trending game” ..and then everyone starts tweeting with that hash tag..and alhamdulillah…its a very powerful way of dawah.. #IslamMeans was trending worldwide in less than 30 minutes!!! and #IslamTaughtMe was a mega success..ever considered doing dawah with 140 characters?! subhanAllah!! #seemsFUN :D
  • Oh I almost forgot..I have to write nutrition articles..that’s my does one forget one’s profession :S *Sigh*
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Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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17 Responses to Deadlines and more Deadlines

  1. CommonMuslim says:

    The good thing about chasing deadlines is when we procrastinate till the the right time, load ourselves with lot of guns, and start shooting at them, our unimportant and non-urgent debris gets scattered and our brain becomes a drilling machine just making its way in…in short, it increases our focus and productivity more than what we know of.
    but the sad thing is, its not Sunnah.
    May Allah make me and all my bros and sists to plan their one chance of live…ameen

  2. SippingChai says:

    Deadlines have a way of catching up to us! I was thinking about doing my Ph.D. but can’t get myself to committing to exams, papers, and deadlines. Haha.

  3. Hiba says:

    wow, i can totally relate to the cooking thing!!! i’m married and i hate cooking! lol. but alhamdulillaah my husband’s an extremely simple eater (favourite food: daal :P). i didn’t know HH assigns recipe articles to even those who don’t cook. that’s funny, hehe.
    may Allaah help us accomplish our work within the assigned deadlines, with ease! aameen.

    • Nasmira says:

      lol..mashaAllah @ ur husband..pray I get someone who’d be happy and contented with daal too :P
      yeah..i told Shamsi and she said it’s to push ppl beyond their comfort zone and take I said “challenge accepted” lol :D
      Ameen to your dua..
      cant’ wait to read ur “time,praise,..” ^_^

    • Nasmira says:

      oh!! jazakumAllahu khayran for dropping by! :)
      Always a pleasure!!

  4. elijah says:

    Deadlines suck on going routine and you couldn’t enjoy anything expecting worrying about them.And meanwhile I tweet and face booking to keep procrastinating..I read a lot about it but still not cured yet:(

  5. Hehe :D All the best! :P
    I was in the same situation last month with projects and assignments in college and for HH! phew.. survived it, alhumdulillah! :D You’ll survive this too, inshaAllah! ;)

    P.S. Can’t wait to read your recipe and shoot questions at you! :P

  6. ummkhaleel says:

    Masha’Allah you’re a busy busy woman! Hehe.. can’t wait to read your articles btw. Will I be expecting them in a few days? *hehe putting stress on you lol*

    • Nasmira says:

      lol…I don’t get stressed easily..a disadvantage of sorts it is, because I don’t panic even when I have to..laid back girl you can call
      will keep u updated with the dates <3!! :D :)

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