A Jolt::A Reminder!!

“And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers.” (Quran:51:55)

Ever once in a while, there are emotions and deeds your heart yearns to do, knowing full well it may not be the right action. Pleasing the soul and nafs becomes mandatory thereby disciplining the nafs is said to be the greatest jihad one could undertake.

To strive on His path and hold on, knowing that a slip up is easy, knowing full well that evil always looks good, knowing that the deceptions of life are louder, brighter, vivid and more clearer than the hidden rewards that awaits eternally, makes the entire goof up look “easier”.

Probably because the human mind and soul cant comprehend the concept of eternity, because, quite simply because none of us have witnessed eternity yet, so the limited human thinking can only accept the temporary.

The very concept of hellfire and paradise irrespective of the crystal clear images printed in the Book of Allah can make one go blind, can cover and veil the heart, quite simply because the concept of eternity is a little difficult for the human mind to grasp.

A beauty lies in the fact that knowing how easily the slaves sell themselves to eternal punishment, the Lord, the Maker, the Cherisher and Sustainer, sends reminders..

A simple quote, a simple post which one starts reading at a time when something more important needs to be given attention to, becomes a REMINDER.  Today, it was quite simply His way of reminding and telling me “Your soul is not so cheap, pull yourself up and get your act straight!”.

Irrespective of the number of times one hears reminders, there is a part that wants to forget and another part that simply forgets. Probably the exact same reason why reminders are sent repeatedly. Beyond all the foolishness of this rebelling nafs, the Supreme Voice says,  “Despair not, come back”.

A lesson I learnt today: The feeling of remorse doesn’t necessarily mean one is wrong or weak or guilty. The feeling of remorse simply means one’s heart is still alive and hasn’t been completely hardened and rusted.

Its natural to get angry and annoyed when humans remind you to do something constantly, but there is a special beauty when Allah (swt) reminds. The reminder has a perfect balance of mercy and chiding, power packed with Love, and that’s when you realize it doesn’t matter how often you read a verse or a quote, there are times when it smacks hard into your heart and you WAKE UP!

Today, I was given two such reminders from two bloggers that put me back on track. Even though the posts seem “not connected”, they made perfect sense. Quite simply because it was not a random reading I did today, it was a reminder from the One who wanted to get me back on the Straight Path. Interestingly the first one I read was about forgiveness and the second was about how I trade myself to dunya instead of akhira..

Powerful reminders..jazakumAllahu khayran for the sisters who acted as His soldiers today! YES, He sends reminders through whomsoever He wishes!! The question is: Am I being receptive or arrogant? I think it was the former..alhamdulillah!!


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6 Responses to A Jolt::A Reminder!!

  1. Serenity Pearls says:

    Your words beautifully encompass all my thoughts and worries! Can a sync like that be possible? Alhamdulillah. I loved this part: “Your soul is not so cheap, pull yourself up and get your act straight!” Reminds me that Allah swt has bought us in exchange for paradise. Allahu Akbar kabeera! Allah swt has bought us – does the Creator need to buy His creation? Allah swt is so so Merciful. And He has bought us in exchange for paradise. No matter what we do we can never fulfill the merit of paradise. What we are getting in exchange is something beyond us to reach. But Allahu Akbar! Allah swt is showering us with so much Mercy, and all that we are supposed to do is TRY. Is to put our best foot forth. Is to reach out to Allah swt and ASK of Him. It’s really that easy. Yet so difficult. Especially with so many distractions that make us delusional. Indeed we need constant reminders. And we need to constantly remind one another – while the rest of the world will try to make us forget – just like you have reminded me today. Jazakillah khayran katheer :)

    • Nasmira says:

      Spending every second in worship will not give us paradise until He wills, because we do not ‘fulfill the merits’, like you said..
      its soo true..all we have to do is TRY..it seems so easy yet so difficult.. subhanAllah!!
      May Allah swt make us of those who enter the blessed place for eternity!

  2. Abdullah says:

    Sister, I’m a little interested about those two blogs that gave you the perfect reminder in the perfect time. and, Alhamdulillah, your post is a reminder for me! :-)

    “And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers.” (Quran:51:55)

  3. Aziza says:

    Mashallah dear sister, I am so happy that Allah guided you to read our posts right when you needed them. Everything you said in this post really struck my heart and my soul is agreeing. :) Allah knows we are a forgetful, giddy bunch, but He always reminds us…I love the feeling when you just KNOW He’s guided you to just what you needed.
    May Allah bless you & Serenity Pearls. <3 Love you both for the sake of Allah.

    • Nasmira says:

      May Allah (swt) bless you too, dearest!!
      and may He for whose sake you love us, love you and engulf you in His mercy and Love! :)
      Ameen <3

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