Want to Earn… But How ?

Dunno why but  I don’t feel like blogging about anything these days… writer’s block maybe?!! And it doesn’t feel good either!! Could be due to mid terms?!  Allahu alam!!

Anyhoooo, here’s another wonderful post written by Nisaar Y. Nadiadwala *A Timely Reminder*

“On the beach of Juhu , Mumbai, there are young men from Uttar Pradesh, selling tea and coffee even to people as late as 11 pm. A little further few young boys are walking down the beach, approaching every person they meet offering them pop corn to buy. Near by, stands an old man around 60, roaming on the beach selling pasteries. Back at home an old man of around 60, rings the door bell of every apartment to sell his  biscuits..All these  people mentioned carry a huge basket or a metal can to carry their good and they carry it for four hours a day and roam .

A young Muslim I know of, approaches me in a confused state. He does not know what to do ?  “Which carrer will make me rich ?” This young man is confused because he, like millions of fellow young men think that careers build wealth and provides luxury. It is quite strange that even the Muslims have begun thinking  in this way. They want to a choose a career or a profession which offers  more salary and expects less work!

Rizq is not directly proportional to bright careers. Many prospective students  I know of, were prophesised by their teachers and elders that they will be on the top of the world when they finish  their education. But I see many of them hunting for jobs even after graduating in engineering! There are many doctors  who pass their time swatting flies in their clinics. There are technocrats whose bio datas wander from one man power consultant to another looking for a suitable job.  There are many doctors of India who serve as cleaners in the motels of American highways and they say “we earn more”.

If you study the biographies of the great Muslims they worked like common man. Prophet David (Dawood) peace be upon him, was an iron smith . Abu Bakr Siddique (RA) sold cloth in the street of Madina and all the prophets worked in some phase of their lives as shepherds.

Moral of the note? It does not matter how much you earn but it does matter how you earn. On the day of Qiyamah nobody will be allowed to move until they give an account of their income as well as their expenditure. So young men! Focus on halal and let the Blessings of Allah be focussed on you. After all blessings does not mean abundance but it also means  content with what you have.”

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2 Responses to Want to Earn… But How ?

  1. Hiba says:

    interesting perspective… never thought about it that way. subhaanAllaah

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