Uncommon Scenes but Common Morals..

Written by Nisaar Y Nadiadwala

“I stood at a bustop waiting for a bus (yes, your writer is a common man) and saw many lower middle class people, old, weak waiting for the bus too. Some of them seemed to be in a hurry but there were no buses and when they came after a long wait, they were already overloaded . Almost an hour passed by and I could see the worried faces of the people who were getting late Then a car passed by. A huge car with only two passengers, one on the driver’s seat and other in the rear, a large dog, peeping out of the window, and, his tongue rolled out, while staring at the people waiting at the bust stop. “Lucky dog!” said one man sarcastically. The other man gave a rejoinder “Dogs travel in car like men but men travel in buses like cattle”.

Once I saw a school boy passing by eating a large burger. A poor boy, dressed in rags spotted the boy with large burger and followed him with a hope to get a bite or two. The boy didn’t pay attention and walked away. A little ahead he got saturated with the burger so he threw it away in the dust bin and soon a couple of dogs pounced upon the thrown buger and ate it up.

Few years back, my maid requested my society to allow her to collect some water as they did not have a water flow in their slums. “At least allow us to collect a few pail of water to drink..” the lady urged. But the society refused, citing the resolution of forbidding any outsider to take water from the premises. A few minutes later the soceity tank over flowed and hundred of pails of water flowed in the drain. Alas!! There was no resolution in the society bye laws on wasting water

You too must have observed such ironic fate taking place around you. But did you compare it or examined it in this manner ? Luxury works like a pain killer, suppressing the pain we as human carry towards the suffering of our fellow humans.

As they say : One man’s gain is other man’s pain. How right is the Quran when it observes the human psychology : “Truly, Man is ungrateful to his Lord and to that fact he bears witness ( to himself ) and violent is he in his love of wealth..” Surah al Adiyaat, ch 100 verse 6-7-8″

Nisaar Nadiadwala can be reached at nisaar_yusuf@yahoo.com

I’ve been subscribed to Nisaay Y Nadiadwala’s updates for a long time now, but I never got myself to sit and read some awesome notes he posts everyday on Facebook. However, yesterday just felt like “Nisaar’s Notes Day”, if I could call it that. Here I was sitting and reading one note after another, without being able to stop myself. This was one his posts which I felt was worth sharing (many more to follow inshaAllah) *A reminder to myself first*


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