Rain And Ruffles

The ruffling sound.. as I turn around to figure out the source of noise, I lose myself..ONE glance, and I know I’m somewhere familiar..

The trees, some gigantic ones, lush green to deep olive in color look serene, but there is one particular tree that stands out. Decorated with red and pink colored leaves dancing precariously on the twigs and branches, it teases me to come forward. A slow step I take, not being sure about the ground underneath, and then my eyes are fixed to the floor. Could it be glass, I wonder. But no, it feels smooth as satin but goes a few centimeters deep each time I step on it. Not sand either.

I move forward and stare at the vividly colored tree. Looks like the leaves would fall down any minute..I stand there wondering, “Shall I pluck them or wait for fate to take its way?”. A few seconds pass by and I’m lost in its beauty..the tree signifies something. The pink leaves sparkle, the red leaves on the hand are smooth as glass, and give out an amazing reflection which no mirror would compete with. Looks like rubies..but are flexible like leaves!!..makes me wonder!!

The ruffle again..I turn back quickly. Maybe it was just the leaves, I assure myself..but I’m wary.. a little scared..NO ONE is supposed to be here..so where did the ruffling noise come from..sounded like footsteps..I try to shun the thought out..

Uh-oh, it becomes gloomy all of a sudden..I see a huge cloud..a big black one covering the place.. everything turns dark..and THEN, a few rain drops..slowly trickling down one after another…followed by winds.. powerful winds..

RAIN..I gasp, but, with happiness. Each drop that touches the ground turns into colored stones..running away..littering the place, making it sparkle..Gems? Diamonds? Pearls? What are they, I wonder..I try collecting them but they vanish..!!


The ruffling noise again..

and SNAP!!!


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35 Responses to Rain And Ruffles

  1. Serenity Pearls says:

    Salam loved your expression on rain.. it was so serene and joyful. But I would love to hear your thoughts behind writing this piece. I sit here, bewildered, wondering what could it be. I have some ideas, could it be that the tree represents jannah that one maybe fixated upon? But then what do the raindrops represent?! Wondering :)

    • Nasmira says:

      Wa alaikum salaam wr wb!!
      JazakumAllahu khayran for your lovely comment!! :)
      Well, the tree and the place represents Paradise, I started writing this post with nothing in mind, to be honest, which is why it might seem disconnected here and there, because I was LOST, really..lol//
      The place where I’m lost seemed ‘familiar’ because its paradise and that’s where we really belong,
      The tree…it was supposed to be an autumn tree..and I LOVE autumn leaves..but then since it was paradise, I let my mind wander into thinking the extraordinary..and so, the leaved are red and pink in color as opposed to orange n yellow.. :)
      The rain actually doesn’t signify anything..when I was writing this post, it started raining here, (unusual for this time of the year) and it was windy..so I just included that as well in the post, there’s something about rain which makes me forget EVERYTHING and gets me all chirpy happy..lol
      but then it was Jannah now, so I had to do something with the rain drops..so I converted them into colored stones running down..
      The floor/ground is supposed to be musk, which is why its smooth and soft but not slippery..
      The footsteps..WELL..that part is left open for anyone’s imagination.. :D
      SNAP: I came back to reality! :)

      • Serenity Pearls says:

        Your thoughts are like the icing on the cake :) jazakillah for this. Best part was paradise being a ‘familiar’ place. Subhan Allah… Now that I have read it with your thoughts in mind, it seems to have expanded the horizons of my own imagination. I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something about this piece that is pure and reminds me of all the happy places :D

        p.s. I would like to think of those footsteps belonging to those whom we will be in Jannah with, whom we love for the sake of Allah swt as a hadith goes that we would be with those whom we love :D

      • Nasmira says:

        Aww alhamdulillah!! :)
        The hadeeth you mentioned seems to be the icing on the cake for this piece now..it got me dreaming about all the Prophets from Adam and Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon all of them) and the companions and the mothers of the believers too.. couldn’t get myself out of it…just to imagine that to be their footsteps.. ^_^
        woah!! JAzakumaAllahu khayran for getting me all dreaming :D

  2. subu says:

    loved the way you have portrayed it! I almost could feel them happening around.

    • Nasmira says:

      :D thank u thank u..
      U must have figured out the rain part of it!! it HAD to be there..
      and the other wild imaginations in this post, I just revealed it in another comment..
      Read it when your free (and you’ll realize I spend most of my time living in a surreal world..hardly on planet Earth!, nice way to escape reality maybe) :D

      • subu says:

        Well now, isn’t that the best part of imaginations! Also it is incredible if one can put the imagination into writing.. Stringing thoughts together… Isn’t it just like giving life to dreams with words? I might add thousand more words but I ll do that in person. And a surreal world? but maybe a possible world too!

      • Nasmira says:

        definitely a real world out there…it just beckons! =)

  3. Assalaamu’alykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu!

    MashaAllah beautifully expressed! You have wild imaginations! I mean, dark clouds in Paradise?! :P…haha, just kidding. I love rain too, btw!!
    Whenever I think of Paradise, I always imagine broad daylight…greenery and stuff…basically, I try to picturize it according to it’s description mentioned in the Qur’an…lol.:D Seriously though, all of this just makes me realize how great Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala is!! cuz, SubhanAllah, no matter how hard we try to imagine, the fact is that Jannah is beyond our imagination…!

    Realizing how immensely awesome Paradise is, simply motivates us further to persevere in doing good and pleasing Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala so as to attain it!!
    May Allah ‘Azza wa Jal unite all of us in Paradise! Ameen!! xD
    JazakilAllahu Khayran for sharing!! ♥

    • Nasmira says:

      Wa alakium salaam wr wb!! :)
      lol..wild imaginations YES!! haha..I just wanted to think something DIFFERENT..
      Besides we get what we want in Jannah don’t we ;) So probably a little bit of adventure and spookiness too?!?! lol…
      Ameen to your dua!! probably we can sit there and discuss about what we blogged about here in dunya? lol :)
      Barakallahu feek dear sis!! :) ♥

      • LOL!! yeah, I had actually thought of that earlier too….for some reason I wanted to ride dragons! so, I was like, “if not in this world, then definitely in Paradise iA”!! haha!! :D

        SubhanAllah!! we’d talk about what we blogged?! looool !! MashaAllah, that’s SO sweet!! ♥ Of course, we will InshaAllah! XD

        Allahumma Ameen! :)

      • Nasmira says:

        Dragons!! haha!! :D
        Dark cloud was less scarier!! :P

      • I’m talkin about “CUTE” dragons! like, Toothless from “How to train your dragon”, you know. XD Haha, anyway. :)

        Awwwww…sistah!! *Hugs back* ♥♥

        Love you for the Sake of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala!!

      • Nasmira says:

        hahaha!! lol :D ahh!! i get it…toothless dragons!! :P :D
        May Him for whose sake you love me, love you and cover you in His mercy and forgiveness! ♥

      • Ameen ya Rabb!! :)


    • Serenity Pearls says:

      Sorry for eavesdropping but couldn’t help but read such a cute conversation filled with so much cuteness :) the place where I study with some other girls, we greet one another with LYFSA (Love You For the Sake of Allah) soo LYFSA to you both :D

  4. P.S : I *like* each of your comments !! (pretending that there is a “like” button here like in FB XD)

    • Nasmira says:

      haha!! lol :D <3 :) :)

      • :D
        but, actually you know, there is this thing in wordpress where you can have a “like” kind of an option for every comment…more of a rating kind, like the thumbs up and thumbs down sign..you might be knowing…I saw it on another sister’s blog…Talibatil ‘ilm,…I love her blog posts too!! MashaAllah la hawla wa la quwwata illah billah!

        I wanna have that option too for my blog, inshaAllah !! xD
        but, first off, I NEED to put some useful stuff on it, inshaAllah!!…lol…it looks boring…and I’m already running out of ideas. :(

        Haha, no worries, I’m just kidding. I’m really inspired by all of your blogs…so, InshaAllah I’ll try my best to be productive and benefit myself foremost and the readers too, Bi idhnillah. :)

        Remember me in your dua’s sisters! :)

      • Nasmira says:

        lol yeah i know..thumbs up, thumbs down stuff after each comment.. :)
        write whenever u feel like and however you fingers take u..most of my posts are completely random thoughts..so yeah.. :)
        Remember me in ur duas too!! :)

      • haha, yeah..I should try that InshaAllah! :D
        Yep, definitely, I’ll remember y’all in my du’as, InshaAllah. :) :)

  5. ummkhaleel says:

    Masha’Allah! Like sis Serenity Pearls, I was also wondering what this post is about. My first thought was that you visited somewhere beautiful and the picture is the evidence for that… but then I thought how is it possible for the ground to turn into ‘coloured stones lol! now that I know it’s something even deeper – wow! Jannah is beyond imagination subhan’Allah.. but when we create our own version of Jannah like you did – I’m sure it’ll motivate us further to perform more good deeds!

    • Nasmira says:

      lol sis…did it really sound real? haha..
      It should have sounded like fantasy from the first line because if I REALLY did hear footsteps in a place where I shouldn’t have…I would have immediately updated my FB status with the little ‘adventure’..and probably would have sent messages to most of u guys in my friends list to show the world how ‘bravely’ I survived a scare like that!! haha :D :) :)
      P.S: I’m not that brave for such adventures, I’ll be the first one to run away, (forget about waiting to see a black cloud)..haha :D

  6. Loved the description, mashaAllah!! Like sis from Serenitypearls said .. there’s something about it that is very pure and serene! :)

    P.S.It’s raining here tooo!! :D SubhanAllah, how I love rain..! on a side note .. I love the sound of thunder too! :P :D It makes me happy :D

    • Nasmira says:

      JazakumAllahu kharan!! :)
      Everything about rain makes happy..its such a blessing…and I can’t begin to tell how much I miss staying there…B’lore brings back all those memories about school days and what not!!

  7. Farheen Farzana says:

    Wow! you don’t just formulate your imagination and thoughts into words, you manage to take the reader into your world too..I really could imagine myself standing in front of that tree and enjoying its beauty..You have the power to make people understand the importance that the tiniest things that Allah (swt) has bestowed on us alhumdullilah! I must have gotten so moved by this post because as it is i am inclined towards nature but this post of yours unlike any other article on the net which gives me some knowledge or gyaan for that matter (:P) , gave me an experience in itself..mashallah u’ve been gifted with the ability of turning words into the experience itself :)

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