To That Person…

At a stage where everyone were given the choice to choose themselves to get spoilt, I was taught the art of asking things if I NEEDED them, not if I WANTED them (this despite the fact that I was a pampered kid)!!

At a time when kids were more bothered about broken pencils and spent their holidays doing nothing, I was given the freedom to spend my holidays drawing and coloring stuff .. and designing my imaginary room with the same..(not to forget the difficult times my parents had in making me share my color pencils with a sister who was a toddler then..being 8 years younger to me, we had many problems ..YES, large age differences can cause many sibling issues..parents and would-be parents, please note!!) :D

At a time when friends would read storybooks, as a 7 year old, I was being encouraged to read newspapers.

At a time when girls were busy buying new clothes and following fashion trends, I was taught to brush up my skills and stand out from the crowd.

At a time when everyone were busy trying to look good and thin, I was being forced to eat more because I looked thin (I was struggling ever so much to put on weight at an age when my friends were counting calories)

At an age where girls were being over protected and friends complaining about how their parents never allowed them to drive a vehicle, I was forced to learn driving so that I could be independent and confident

At a time when girls around me thought under graduation was sufficient and wanted to ‘settle down’ or do ‘nothing’, a 20 year old me was given amazing support to go ahead for post graduation because that person could not believe that a “talent like me could be wasted”

Getting a post graduation degree at the age of 22 brought a lot of cheers on that person’s face..

At a time when everyone were weighing the pros and cons of giving a national eligibility test for getting a scholarship for Ph.D or being eligible for becoming a lecturer, I was forced to appear for the exam from that person who said, “Having extra qualifications would come in handy at any moment in your life”.

I got qualified for both (a scholarship and lectureship) in my very first attempt, it was a great achievement, but I always attributed these successes to two factors:

i) Allah (swt), and

ii) The person whose prayers would have made it possible

At a time when everyone were busy searching for conventional jobs, I had that person giving me an extra bit of confidence, asking me to do what I love to do, rather than flow with the tide


To the person who asks my opinion on every single matter: be it the color of the paint that the home needs or the type of lightings that would go well, to bigger and more important matters….

(Not to forget: Not a single shirt was bought without my consent and YES, I doubled up as his personal stylist too, forcing him to change his dressing combination more than once if I had to go out with him :D)

To the person whose magical hands can fix just about anything that was broken at home

To the person who would sit and help me write CV’s and application forms

To the person who would even sit and spend time editing my articles :D

To the person who never said NO to any dream I had

To the person who would waste hours and hours telling me why a good career was important (this despite the fact that some people saw it as being senseless to spend so much on a girl.. talk about ‘society’)

To the person who asked me to take up Nutrition as my specialization

To the same person who asks me what to eat so that he can stay fit, but at the same time, starts breathlessly advising me on what I should eat so that I put on weight (this despite the fact that I’m a nutritionist).. irony, I know :D

To the person whom Allah (swt) says is the door to paradise: I dedicate this post to the man of my life (masha’Allah alhamdulillah) : my DAD!!  :D


About Nasmira

Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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15 Responses to To That Person…

  1. subu says:

    Awww! it is such a nice ode to your dad! Truly touched my heart and for some reason there is even a few drops trickling down. Hugs:D

    • Nasmira says:

      *Hugs* :D
      Thanks boo..
      I’m rubbish when it comes to showing anyone how much I care for them, so hiding behind my words seems easier..
      and also, I’m secretly praying he doesn’t end up reading this..I’ll hide in embarresment forever!! :D

  2. subu says:

    Your writing expresses such beautiful things, nf. It brings out even the unspoken :D

    • Nasmira says:

      aww really??!!
      thanks so much boo :) means a lot!!
      This blog was a product of boredom and side effects of excessive nutrition write ups.. lol :D

  3. ummkhaleel says:

    Masha’Allahh!!! Made me smile when I read this post, especially the last part :) We are really blessed to have such wonderful parents masha’Allah. May Allah reward them with Jannatul Firdaus!

    p/s/ the age gap between my sis and I is 8 years too! And we did not get along well then lol :P And masha’Allah you got your masters at 22? so young! I’m 24 this year and just started with masters haha. I’ll be old and wrinkly when I graduate :/ are you doing your phd now?

    • Nasmira says:

      Ameen to your dua sis!! :)
      Things are better with that little one, I think, lol :P

      Nope sis..not doing my Ph.D…happy with studying BA in Islamic studies now, alhamdulillah!! :)

  4. mehmudah says:


  5. JazakilAllahu Khayran for such an inspiring article, MashaAllah! Loved it!! :)

    And, Ameen to the Dua’a!

  6. abdul refai says:

    I have some feeling inside my heart.
    While reading this history(my fingers waited for a moment when I was typing this).
    And after reading this I thought about how much u will miss ur dad after marriage akka.

  7. Amazing post, almost made me cry!

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