All messy!!!

Been a busyyyy few days/weeks..

Things happening at blinding speed..everything is appearing blurred, the sheen of calmness disappearing..

More smiles: does that mean all that’s well will come to an end?

Biting off more than I can chew: Volunteering for stuff when I’ve been ever so terrible at time management,,more now than ever before..probably was a push from the inner me wanting to prove myself to myself that I can achieve and do more than what I’m doing right now?!

Little apprehensive about change: Not because I dont like to change but more because what lies ahead seems a little toooo mysterious for comfort..does this mean I AM finally stepping out of my comfort zone?

Filling up my LinkedIn profile (finally)….. made me ponder a lot more about things I’ve done all the way from school days until NOW ..self analyzation says I was like an active dynamite during Under Grad days..studying three majors (Nutrition, Chemistry n Botany) never interfered with my extra curricular activities and zeal for volunteering or participating..realized I had done soo much in three years that I exceeded the word limit while filling up…wowness

Post Graduation of 2 years killed everything that had built up inside me and every other thing as well..that’s a different story in itself *sigh*

On a different note, what option do you choose if you want to connect with your Sir/Teacher on can u chose friend/colleague/classmate??  :S

A checklist being prepared now… 5 professional goals and more than 15 personal goals to be achieved: Over ambitious? So what..I have a dream and I’m impatient to achieve it!!

Articles saved in drafts, they need to be edited and submitted..which means I am making others wait.. leading to a series of chain reactions of delay..not a good thing!

Tiredness is in your mind, I’ve learnt…it just reflects physically but it is NEVER a reason to not do anything on time..

Self discipline courses need to be taken up! Leadership course already being taken up (alhamdulillah)… not for building leadership skills :P but more for getting to have a one-on-one conversation and interaction with an awesomeeeee woman for A YEAR…that’s what the webinar promises to provide..awesomeness

Becoming socially inactive in the virtual world is a good sign, maybe?

But still doesn’t explain where all the time goes..

A rejuvenated me but some extra bit of shopping drains everything out!

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Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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8 Responses to All messy!!!

  1. ummkhaleel says:

    Awww sis you sound like a busy busy bumble bee! hehe.. Khayr insha’Allah.. you know what to do right – apply productive muslim techniques in your life! Hehe. Yeaa I know, its easier said than done unfortunately :( And cool beans, you did botany as a major! I’ve always wondered what you guys study about.. or rather, what do you focus on basically (i mean, it’s I know it’s about plants haha but does it focus on the different types of plants, pollination etc? sorry, I’m a bit of an idiot when it comes to this hehe!)

    As for stepping out of your comfort zone, I’m sure you’ll do great don’t worry insha’Allah! :) Lots of dua will do the trick insha’Allah :)

    Also, you signed up for the webinar!! I was contemplating on signing up myself but was just afraid I would not be able to commit ..especially since I have to travel to and fro quite a bit :( Might clash with it.. but please do share with us what you’ve learnt! :D

    • Nasmira says:

      LOL!! we HAD to do three majors for under I HAD to pick up something along with Nutrition and went with botany..we studied something abt pollination etc etc..different types of cells..bah blah..i had an option between botany and zoology..its much easier to dissect plants than i went for botany..:P not because of any fascination and
      I wanted to specialize in nutrition (which is y i picked it up for my post graduation) but enjoyed chemistry the best! (most ppl cringe when they hear :D)

      yeah..inshaAllah..i will post the webinar notes ..she sounded soo excited mashaAllah that even I got excited!!..the timings are not very ideal (starts at 10 pm India time) but khair inshaAllah..they also have recorded sessions of the live sessions so im banking on those, just in case..
      I NEED loads of dua too..u know .. ;-)
      so, remember me in ur prayers sis inshaAllah! :)

  2. subu says:

    whoo! Sounds like 24 hours is not enough.. and you are taking a leadership course too.. Wow NF, this post radiates so much energy! Am sure you are gonna manage everything more than fine.

  3. mehmudah says:

    Masha Allah wow that’s one proactive girl! I like that actually. And I can totally relate to the biting off more than you can chew bit!

    All the best!

  4. asqfish says:

    asa, In this messy situation I usually have to remind myself of Fard al Aeyn:) Perhaps you do too?

    • Nasmira says:

      wa alaikum salaam! :)
      SubhanAllah!!!! JazakumAllahu khayran for the reminder..
      I had studied about fardh al aeyn and other branches in Islamic Psychology but it had completely slipped outta my head..
      thank u sooooo much for reminding me again!
      Barakallahu feekum for dropping by!

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