Love and Hatred: Part II

Read Love and Hatred: Part I here

“I also wish to share the next chapter of my life. After leaving school I made, what I see now, as a grave mistake. After performing Hajj at a young age, I tried too hard to fit in, much too hard, and did many things in my life I also now regret, but on reflection just like my childhood, maybe, I required this journey too, so that the message would be clear to me as it is now. No matter how much I tried to fit in: I was different and would always remain strange to most. So, I gave up trying to fit in to Western culture and truly found myself, even after studying science (big bang theory), the Torah and Bible…….as I was seeking many answers to who we are and why…..I found myself only drawn to Islam, the only answers in my life came from the Quran. My non Muslim friends, see, I do not follow Islam simply for the sake of my parents but that it was indeed a spiritual journey of self awakening and I have found many non Muslim friends not only keen to learn about Islam but many have reverted too :)

Again, all I am trying to do is share my own life experiences and how love has always brought out the best, and for the younger Muslims of the West out there, to trust a man who has done it all and learnt that all the sins did not get me anywhere but lost as well…….so please……take your own journeys…… yourself……….but more importantly devote your time to discover Islam too, study always……..for that is how our own message started too……..”Iqra” READ! Seek knowledge always… Educate yourselves, read as many books as you can in your lifetime… one ever got lost from gaining more knowledge……the purpose of sharing my story was to show how our journeys can shape us, we all have freewill to choose right from wrong and as I said I am no angel either, but I thank Allah everyday now for my own journey and how I see the world……I believe in love ♥

Oh! How could I forget the most important part……after we moved away from that village and town, I went back for a school reunion many many years later. I explained to all the pupils in my year and many others that attended the same school, of what they nearly did to me (broke a person’s soul), and how their actions had shaped my life, etc. There were many tears that day, and everyone hugged me and apologised and asked for my forgiveness too. I forgave them all and said I understood that for them, it was simply that I was different. I also felt sorry for them that no one had been there to guide them as to how to behave or act………….today…….every single one of those people are my friends and we stay in touch……..better still, they have all raised their kids to never be racist, to know Islam and many of them fight with me against fascists…..that for me is the real story :)” – Sid Akbar


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10 Responses to Love and Hatred: Part II

  1. Suhailah says:

    From Abu Hurairah RA, he said: Rasulullah SAW said: “Islam was strange when it began and will one day be strange again; Blessed are the ghuraba’ (those strange people)”. [H.R.Muslim]

    Sinking into a whirlpool of errors, sins and into the dark world of deceptions and sugar coated lies has made me learn the true meaning of life when the Truth (Islam) came and became a light beacon that saved me from my own nafs.

    Jazakillah sis for sharing this encouraging true story.

    • Nasmira says:

      Wa iyyakum sis!
      and jazakum allahu khayran for sharing that beautiful hadeeth..i keep reminding myself of it very often..
      Allah guides us repeatedly sis, and He shows light in numerous ways!
      May Allah swt keep all of us firm on His deen!

  2. ummkhaleel says:

    Sis, jazakillah khayr for sharing this story! Subhan’Allah, He really tested this brother but the outcome is something even I didn’t expect! Especially the last part! Being friends with his enemies – that really takes a “bigger” person to forgive for all the hardships he went through rather than holding grudges!

    • Nasmira says:

      Wa iyyakum sis!
      More the trails..more the reward subhanAllah!
      My eyes were filled with tears all over again when I read how he became friends with them in the end! Life is indeed beautiful if we choose the right path, subhanAllah!
      its amazing the way he said “anger is nothing but self pity and I do not do self pity” subhanAllah..its so easy to get angry and cut relationships but Allah guided him at the right moment!
      may He swt guide all of us always!!!

  3. SippingChai says:

    This is such a wonderful story that you shared. Jazakillah khair. May Allah (swt) reward you and this man. It truly has such an amazing ending, Subhanallah!

  4. Wow!! SubhanAllah! =) <3

  5. Khanum says:

    Hmmmm :) .. <3 Jazak Allah for sharing

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