A “Thank You” Note…

Some things are extremely close to my heart…these could even be people I NEVER met but just had an occasional one on one chat with..or some people whom I did meet for a very short duration of time but they have already cemented a place in my heart..

And then there are some very specific things I hold on to..it could be a book, a very very old pencil, (yeah.. laugh..its okay.. :) ) or even certain incidents..

Given that I get emotionally attached to very very very few things in life..the ones I do hold on to are really close and personal..One of them being Productive Muslim..I dunno what’s with that website that drew me towards it…

It’s almost like my baby..the website goes down for some maintenance work.. I go down.. its kinda crazy sometimes. But that’s the way it is..

A few harsh words/comments on anyone’s post or article either on the website or their FB page pricks me from within..

[Oh btw I’m all open for positive and constructive criticism.. don’t get me wrong..all of us need an extra push to get us back on track and positive criticism works wonders in such cases..]

Even though I write for many websites in this huge world wide web, there’s something about Productive Muslim I have a very soft corner for..which is why I LOVE to associate myself with it..… its like an emotional magnet.

So then..like all the beautiful emails I recieve from the team..there was one very touching email  I received a few days back..which read thus:

“Assalamo alykum Sr Nasmira,

We, at ProductiveMuslim, would like to take a moment to say “Thank you” for your admirable co-operation and partnership with us. You have been one of those remarkable and excellent people who have helped us move forward toward our goal and dream of one Productive Ummah. JazakAllah khair for sharing this vision with us.

We would like to mail you a “thank you note” to your address……

JazakAllah khair.”

I went all “awww” first..then wondered if my articles were really even upto their standards for me to be getting a “thank you” note..and then I just let the whole feeling sink in…

And this is what I got a few days back: (did I say I love handwritten messages?)








To think of it.. I’ve been associated with ProM for just a year now..these little little stuff mean a lot to me..its that personal feeling of someone telling they appreciate and care that really stands out from superficial praises..

May Allah (swt) bless Productive Muslim <3


About Nasmira

Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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14 Responses to A “Thank You” Note…

  1. Dreamlife says:

    How very timely – something i’m writing at work at the moment covered this exact point – how a hand-written card is sure to impress the person (in my case, a client – but i think it’s general…because people generally don’t do that anymore).

  2. Khanum says:

    awww this is such a great news : )

  3. Subashini says:

    This is just wonderful! and very true genuine appreciation indeed is a great asset. Keep going :)

  4. SubhanAllah! Little gestures that make a big difference! :)

    Ameen to your dua! :)

  5. Uzma says:

    It is indeed very touching when gratitude is shared. It’s others saying ‘thank u ‘ to us, but in turn that very gesture says so much about them. A good reminder to say thank u in person, in print more often.

  6. Sabirah M says:

    Masha’Allah! That was so nice of them. My favorite thing about teaching was getting the unique cards and little notes my students used to write to me.

    • Nasmira says:

      aww..one of my friend used to get little cards and handwritten letters from her grade 2 students..she used to passionately call them “love letters” lol .. :)

  7. ummkhaleel says:

    Oh Masha’Allah tabarakAllah !! You’ve done a great job because I’ve read your articles before :) So sweet of the Productive Muslim team btw! Also, you should get hold of their merchandise! My friend bought a red lifebook for me and I just LOVE LOVE it!!! go get them since you love Productive Muslim ;)

    • Nasmira says:

      jazakallah khair for your lovely comment sis!! :)
      I really do wanna get hold of the lifebook..but as of now I can do ONLY online booking..and the currency conversion makes it a little too expensive!! maybe I should ask Abu Productive to send that for free.. ;)
      (lol…just kidding)

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