Etiquette 101

It irks me sometimes to see how rude people are..especially when its in a scenario where your hiding behind the computer screen, sitting worlds apart and go @#$%$ at the other person.

Well, even if you are/were right, isn’t it at least enough for you to convey your point of view in a polite manner..

Studying at Islamic Online University has exposed me to many people from various countries and backgrounds, mashaAllah

However,  being students of knowledge there is one important lesson for all of us to learn…with knowledge should come humility, not arrogance.

I’ve been quite shocked to see the way some students comment on others’ posts on the FB study group we have..this despite the fact that two teachers are monitoring the page..

And i surprisingly shockingly learnt that there are some students who are extremely rude to the teacher itself. They have zero percent tolerance to differences on issues related to fiqh and they even have the audacity to argue with teachers who have spent years acquiring the same knowledge, which we as students are just beginning to gain..

Knowing one prophetic saying or one Quranic verse does not make anyone a scholar, folks..i repeat DOES NOT!

As an ummah of Prophet Muhammad (saws), we have a huge responsibility. Showing off “unity” on boycotting every company/country that acts anti-Islamic.. but at the same time..displaying zero percent tolerance towards our own brethren is a shame..especially when done out of arrogance and not ignorance.

It shocks me to see the way some people behave towards other students, sometimes even during classes..the “I-know-it-all” attitude doesn’t place anyone on a higher level in His eyes!

It has become mandatory for us, an Ummah, to learn to smile at others.. to speak politely with people, to accept our differences and strive towards unification. There’s no point beating drums with “lets unite” if no one’s willing to even show the basic levels of understanding and compassion towards others. Our differences should be a turning point in helping us unite beautifully like different pieces of colored glasses which  give out a beautiful reflection when glued together. Differences needs to accepted and should be a cause of unity, not division.

Questioning the other person’s intention, hurting each other with terse comments and similar attitudes must be crushed and thrown aside.

Dawud Wharnsby put up a beautiful status on FB which read thus “Allah does not like the hardness of our tongues…maybe that’s why He made it boneless, so speak softly and kindly with everyone”.

Prophet (saws) says, “The best amongst you are those who have the best manners and character.” (Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 56, Number 759)

There is a REASON for good character being placed on such high terms.

There’s no point becoming scholars when one doesn’t even learn the beauty of humility or the magic of approachability. One needs more wisdom than knowledge.

It’s high time I feel, we, as Muslims are given lessons in Adaab 101 or Etiquette 101..

It’s high time we reflect who WE are…we are supposed to be the proud Ummah of Muhammad (saws), we are representing the blessed man on Earth..let us not degrade ourselves and degrade his name and become an Ummah which is despised for its etiquette. This should be a conscious responsibility on all of us to collectively make our names as ONE Ummah shine together!

May Allah give us the wisdom to be NICE with people!

(Reminder to myself first)

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8 Responses to Etiquette 101

  1. mehmudah says:

    Nasmira, well written and an excellent message conveyed!

  2. Well said sister!
    There is nothing wrong with asking questions and with discussion but I too truly wish people would be polite! Especially with knowledgeable people.

  3. ummkhaleel says:

    Masha’Allah very well said sis.. I think sometimes people forget that Islam came to correct mankind in many ways and one of which is akhlaq. But unfortunately, even with knowledge, some people behave like they are still in jahilliyah. And it’s embarrassing to see that some non-Muslims have better manners than some of us do! Allahu Mustaan! May He grant all of us the wisdom in speech!

    Are you doing the degree at IOU sis? I signed up for the diploma course last year but got caught up with work and ended up leaving it :/ I like the classes and subjects but you know, people like me always need supervision when it comes to studying lol so IOU lasted for a mere 2 months :( I think it’s very beneficial masha’Allah!

    p/s/ you know sis, a sister gave me this ‘lifebook’ from productive muslim today and I immediately thought of you! :)

  4. Khanum says:

    hmmm. agreed…… : )

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