Tweet…Tweet tweet!! =)

With all the hullaballoo of Twitter, that was seriously getting onto my nerves, because I simply could not understand what all the buzz ORR tweets were all about… anddd…after a lot of debate with myself, I decided to join the big big world of Twitter to find out what was soo special…but with a difference….

I chose another name for myself..not a pen name…actually I don’t even know what you call it..maybe the name I would have named myself had I not been named Nasmeera by my parents (also spelled as “Nasmira” by me)

anyhowwww….so how was/is the experience?!?!

What I learnt:

It allows you to stalk people more successfully than Facebook does :P

U even know which celebrity of yours tweeted when ..and if he/she is online when u r…then u can bug them even more by tweeting them!

How’s it different from FB?!?!

Well….in FB… the account could be owned by someone and then u learn its fake (*shakes head in misery*) but in Twitter u already have a blue sign ticked away right next to the person’s name…saying “verified account”..great stuff Twitter folks…(pats twitter bird on its back)
now… how do they verify..I’m not sure but I do remember reading vaguely about how they tried verifying Salman Rushdie’s account and why he seemed angry..or whatever… anywayyy

One fine day…when I  become famous and Twitter needs my profile verification.. I shall let u all know.. lol ( just kidding)

So, it all began..and I started “following” others…. people whom I like..

And then interestingly I used to always wonder why people bug celebrities for a “Retweet”..aka RT..

Now this is what I read on one celebrity’s page or timeline or whatever u call it “everyday I wake up to see ___ RT but it never comes..why this kolaveri di” lol….and to think of it..the guy is not even Indian to understand “kolaveri”…OR given his love for India maybe he does know..

So then in my little discoveries I realized that RT from celebrities is a BIG thing!! Like u know…how big it would be if a celebrity “liked” your post or comment on FB or even better shared it on his/her profile (awesome-ness!!)

so well well..I kinda understood that craze mini mini findings about twitter are just beginning to unfold…I for one have to search for “#” on my keyboard..lovely twitter has made a lovely use of that symbol..otherwise mostly used in computer science programming in my school days…

But the downside…whatever the person tweets is on FB and whatever the person posts on FB is on twitter,..making me read the same stuff double double I should either “un-follow” them on twitter or “unlike” them FB to save myself the duplicability..  :(  (what to do)..

Interesting twitter world where u know what people are really upto..

The best part…for someone like me who loves writing essays… Twitter has thrown up a challenge “Finish telling everything in 140 characters babe..don’t drag”

So quite a challenge yeah!!

Using a different name makes it even more challenging..coz sometimes I stop to think.. “who’s this” and then remind myself “its me” :D

And for those wondering that I might be fooling people to believe that I’m someone else ..RELAX….the fact that I’m using a different name has already been clearly stated in my bio…

its FUN! and me likes!!


About Nasmira

Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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10 Responses to Tweet…Tweet tweet!! =)

  1. mehmudah says:

    Hey Nasmira! Good to read about your Twitter ramblings! I haven’t joined it yet and quit FB too. Don’t think I will join though it does seem tempting at times! Honestly, I feel UFSI (unfit for social interaction).. lol

    • nasmira says:

      haha :D “UFSI”… I’m no less sometimes :)
      and to be honest..its another “time waster” on my long list of distractions I’m already battling! :D

  2. Subashini says:

    A wonderful insight into the twitter world! For some one who has been constantly battling should I or should I not, this post was very interesting. May some more insight would kindle me to join this addictive (or so they say)social network. I might be interested in your pseudo name then :D

    • nasmira says:

      haha :D one more insight: while you might update ur FB status once in a day or max twice…with twitter.. u’ll update every hour..or maybe many times in one hour…basically its a running commentary about your life LIVE!! do enter… do enter!!! Big Time waster but Fun too! :) :)

  3. Sara says:

    LOL! That kind of fooled me! :P
    When I checked your Twitter profile I went like, WOW! A writer is following me! :) I laughed my heart out when I knew the “truth”! ;)

    • Nasmira says: :D good u had a hearty laugh girl!! :) :)

      but I’m really a writer :P ..a “food writer” with a dose of Islamic stuff once in a while for different websites.. :)
      so..see..professionally I’m a writer.. :)

  4. x@hu says:

    Kudos to you if you get along with the little blue bird! :P
    Lol! Twitter and I have a love-hate relationship. It loves me coz I sign up and every now and then and I hate it coz “Twitter-Speak” hurts my brain! :P

    • Nasmira says:

      hahaha! :D mashaAllah!! that’s such a lovely “love-hate” relationship isn’t it..those type of relationships last really long, i tell u :P ;)
      Oh! welcome to my blog..jazakallah khair for dropping by! :)

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