When dreams die…

May Allah swt give u the highest level in Paradise, Alaa Abdelhady

It all started with a blogger friend of mine who posted the death of her classmate in the Egyptian uprising. The rift between the civilians and the military has taken a very nasty turn. I still remember the day I inquired about the condition in Egypt and she optimistically said everything would be fine and Egypt would always remain safe..

One incident of seeing her own classmate falling to a bullet had shaken her up (you can read more it in her blog entry here) and shaken me as well! Not that I know the guy, but he was just like all of us wasn’t he, must have had dreams and was looking to be a budding doctor..but his life was cut short and his dream of seeing a better Egypt, probably remained  a dream for him until the end..


May the knowledge u imparted be the reason for u entering Paradise.

Soon after I got another notification on my Facebook page. This time it was Imam Suhaib Webb who had posted about the tragic death of his teacher Sh. ‘Imad Effat (May Allah swt have mercy on his soul). He had also fallen prey to a bullet fired by the Egyptian forces when he had taken to the streets to see a better Egypt…

I got reminded of the following hadees..

Abu Huraira (رضي الله عنه) reported: The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “When the human being dies, his deeds come to an end except for three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge, or a righteous child who prays for him.” [Sahih Muslim, Book 013, Number 4005]

I pray the knowledge which this Imam imparted to others continues to benefit him and is a source of light for him in his grave and a reason for him to enter the highest level in paradise.

And then I read an extremely disturbing article with an even more disturbing picture of a young woman being dragged on the streets of Egypt, again by the military and being harassed, her fault: she was protesting and dreaming of a better tomorrow..honestly there aren’t any “men” living in the Egyptian army I feel….drunken animals!

I end up reading another extremely distressing story of a 19 year old girl who was abducted in Kansas..the constant pleas from her family members is heart wrenching to say the list..with absolutely no clue as to whether the girl is safe, alive or dead, I can only pray she is returned back to her family asap!!

There are times when I try to push these sorrowful incidents behind my head..thinking things will ease out sooner rather than later. This world has fallen into depths of inhumane actions.. I feel we are sooo deep into this senseless pit that the only way forward to rise back up, coz I really wonder if we could degrade ourselves even further…


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8 Responses to When dreams die…

  1. Sara says:

    I don’t really know what to say.. Thank you for your concern.
    An engineering student who was a tennis player had the same fate today.. Please pray for Egypt..

  2. Sara says:

    And just for the record, he wasn’t shot in front of me. I saw the photo of him shot on Facebook, God, I would’ve collapsed if I saw the scene!

  3. Sabirah M says:

    Insha’Allah, the deaths of those protesting will be considered martyrdom and they will be given the best reward in Janatul Firdaws. BTW, Aisha Khan was found. They don’t know the details, but it was revealed that she was not forced to leave.

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