Homeschooling… A viable option??!!

The choice of educating a child is solely dependent on the parents. Sadly in this day and age, the parents are more bothered about what a neighbor, a relative or for that matter even a stranger would tell..

Instilling values in their tender minds that YOU strongly believe in can get quite challenging..

A friend of mine had recently posted on facebook that homeschooling was something she was seriously considering for her first bub.. her problem with sending kids to normal school was the attitude the kids these days developed…after seeing her own younger siblings behave in an unruly manner at home, often imitating the kids around in school… and of her younger brother who has become exceedingly violent,  she decided she would home school her kid and provide info which she thought would be valuable and cut out on the remaining filth that comes along…

However,  I have my two cents over this issue:

Advantages of homeschooling??!!

I think its an ideal place to inculcate and sow important values in your kid without allowing rubbish to infest these young minds

Looking at little 10 year olds talk and behave in the most heart cringing manner, sometimes even do things which adults would think twice to do, has shaken me thoroughly

In most cases the parents cant act like cops 24/7..the ones who do behave like that with kids end up fracturing a beautiful bond, the kids do not want to share anything and the parents want to know everything : relationship LOST

I feel…it doesn’t matter how closely you monitor the kid, once they get into an environment where everyone around them talks about “cool” stuff, the kid would automatically want to be “cool” and portray itself as someone who knows what the “in- thing” is…with the “in-thing” very unfortunately being filth and rubbish.. the loss of morality and the loss of decency coupled with the loss of sensitivity to things…(although not many would agree with me)

It is not surprising to see kids watch a scantily clad woman or watch absolutely “A” rated stuff and not even blink or turn elsewhere coz we live in a world where feeling ashamed is considered “out of fashion” ..common be “modern” is the phrase heard often!!

(If this is what people call “modern”.. I would rather remain “backward”)

To watch all the filth and say “whatever” is considered cool! SICK SICK WORLD

Drugs, teenage pregnancies and violence which is so easily manifested into kids minds’ at a very young age is extremely scary to see

Homeschooling can cut out on all that and allow parents to teach kids what they think is beneficial. The kids would be allowed to learn in an environment they wish to, include subjects which they feel is right… etc. etc…..

However, I wonder if homeschooling would allow kids to face the outside world the same way as others kids do.. I have seen a few  kids who have been homeschooled grow up into confident bright youngsters…

In fact, a very very famous and successful Muslim mother, Zohra Sarwari, had this to say,

“Did you know that homeschooled children are the first to be recruited by universities such as Yale, Stanford and Harvard? They believe (and rightfully so) that homeschooled children are disciplined to learn and teach themselves.  ”


Questions do exist…the environment and peer pressure (although a lot of it is negative) is cut out while homeschooling…so the edge of competiveness I feel would be missing to an extent.. (okay..say we give that a skip)

The joy of learning with kids of their age gets diminished..not that homeschooled kids are “mourners”..however, there is a special touch to normal schooling..the teachers…the atmosphere..etc. etc.. the “joy” that is pretty hard to replace

Will the child grow up competent? Maybe yes…maybe no!!

What about the friends???..would homeschooling snatch a  crux of childhood by denying “friendship” ??!!.. some might say its better to live with a smaller evil to cut out a bigger evil

I really wonder…

Homeschooling requires a lot of time but even more importantly, it requires knowledge. If the parents r knowledgeable and can dedicate time.. All’s well..if not, then hiring a personal tutor comes into play with its own benefits and disadvantages…

Homeschooling done… what about Univ?? Job??…those cant be provided at the comforts of your home.. …what if the kid feels out of place when he/she has to face the outside world???

More questions than answers..  :S

Although I would not completely disagree with homeschooling (because there are way more advantages in that, yes)…. but would I ever consider homeschooling as an option…probably NO… The small percentage of brats in schools will be there…for that matter.. a small bunch of idiots will be there in all walks of life… There are plenty of opportunities in normal schooling which homeschooling really cannot provide…

NOTHING will stop the kid from acquiring unwanted info or fill its mind with filth…if he/she WANTS to..he/she CAN get info..

I feel…values need to be taught from a very very young age..maybe even before he/she turns one… so that it becomes more of a habit than a constant reminder for the kid to stay away from stuff…

In the end…the more you restrict..the more the child will want to rebel…teach the ins and outs..teach the benefits and the harms associated from a young age..not after the kid misbehaves ..not after it turns into a teenager and does rubbish..but from a young age ….and leave the rest to Allah swt

“Tie your camel and then put your trust in Him”

(Wish I could write my assignments in such a detailed way  -_-)

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3 Responses to Homeschooling… A viable option??!!

  1. nasmira says:

    “A” rated in my language equals “adult” movies…

  2. Sabirah M says:

    Assalamu’alaikum Nasmira!

    I have been thinking a lot about my future (IA) children’s education. My husband and I are trying to figure out where we want to settle down permanently and so far my heart is leaning towards Dubai (b/c I just love having the advantages of being in a Muslim country). The problem is I don’t think Dubai is any better (could be worse) than America (my beloved home). I am thinking about home-schooling, but with a twist. My aunt kept her kids involved in science competitions, Islamic competitions, and provided many opportunities for her children to interact with other kids their age. My aunt also barely slept and had one of the most demanding schedules i have ever seen. Now that her children are getting older…I see how successful she has been with all of them. They are not perfect…but she did a great job of shelting and also exposing her kids piece by piece. Her eldest daughter is a hafidh Qur’an, she has been accepted to many prominent universities, and she has a very strong sense of identity, Masha’Allah. Allahualim. It is a lot to think about :)

    • nasmira says:

      wa alaikum asalam sis :)
      Yeah, I’ve been hearing a lot of successful homeschooling stories and u seem to have added one more to the list. its amazing the way your aunt managed to raise her kids mashaAllah! :)
      the concept requires loads of time and energy, and gets more challenging when you have more than a kid..
      but honestly hats off to those mums who r able to do that.. :)
      I agree 200 % with u regarding the concept..there are always more advantages in homeschooling..especially giving the kids more exposure to Islamic stuff….
      just that its a huge gamble and really requires TIME!! :)
      anyways, I’ll worry about it when I get married :P
      U can always do istikhaara before taking a step like that with ur future kids inshaAllah! :)

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