My First Crocheted Headband Challenge!

Crocheting was a sudden passion I had developed a couple of years back. While doing a short term course in interior designing (something I really wanted to pursue as a career..well..there were many things I wanted to pursue as a career..who knew I would land up on nutrition, ,..alhamdulillah anyways)

Oh so ya, we had to do three creative things, it could be anything for our final interior designing assignment.. I zeroed in on two, but was struggling with what the third creative one could be..and then my friend came up with “I’ll do a crocheted bag for you..and you can submit” given the fact that I was struggling with submission dates, was a little late for completing stuff.. had exams coming up and having absolutely no idea how to crochet, I agreed.

She did a cute bag in a couple of days and it was all ready and neat and I was like “wow”!! and I was completely determined to learn it.

After a lot of crochet needle dropping and fighting with the fabric yarn (which refused to listen to me but would  listen to her)..i finally managed to crochet my very own mobile pouch! wohoooo!! :D

I was checking crochet videos on youtube the other day and I found that people do SOOOO many things using the same technique..

So I tried my hand at making a headband for little girls and somehow managed to do this….

         THE MAKING OF A HEADBAND!! :D (apologies for the blurred images)

1st layer: white thread, 2nd layer: pink thread!

Two layers done!!

The blue layer done!!

All layers done!!

The Final headband with beads =)

This was my very first attempt..hopefully I can make better ones next time and gift it to all the little girls in my extended family, etc., etc…[The art of gifting speaks more than any word or affection you could physically show, when given from your heart] (# me thinks so) !!! :)


About Nasmira

Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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8 Responses to My First Crocheted Headband Challenge!

  1. *stunned* WOWW! Subhanallah! :)
    Mash’allah! That’s brilliant! Super Loved it! <3 :)

    I had done crochet mobile pouch in school :D Actually my entire batch had done! It was a part of our extra curricular activity 1 year in high school, they taught us different stitches on some material ( I dont remember what it was called! :/) out of which we made a pencil pouch! :D And the rest half of the year they taught us crochet out of which we made that small purse which cud fit a super tiny cell! :D I think that was one of the only creative year in school! But I never tried it again, so I've forgotten all types of crochet stiches now :( ( except the basic stitch, Alhumdulillah)!

    Anyway loved your headband, waiting to see more of it! :D

  2. Subu says:

    Wow! that looks amazing and i remember the mobile pouch (es) too:) Looking forward for many more of your wonderful creations. What better gift than the gift of your time! Your cousins and nieces are gonna adore it. Again, loved this one :)

    • nasmira says:

      thxxxx so much boo…and its so sweet of u to say that I’m gifting my time..made my day.. :)
      yeah..the mobile pouch (es) too.. I really liked the way urs turned out..i loved d colors! :D

  3. shabanamusthaq says:

    Mashallah grt work sis………ur blog looks superb…………go ahead…………

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