The Magic called Tahajjud!

Having been a regular when it came to performing prayers, (alhamdulillah) there used to be moments when my mind would be present elsewhere whilst my body did the routine muscular movement, making me feel like a hypocrite…

Praying tahajjud (even though I knew of the umpteen benefits) never seemed “easy”…Well how could I leave my comfy bed even before fajr prayer..

I would pray but I felt the spiritual connection missing, if I may put it that way..The prayers were there but my heart yearned for something more..a feeling that could be more stronger than what I felt.

Coupled with this were other “demands” in my life which I wanted Allah (swt) to fulfill FAST!! While He is the Best of Judges and knows exaclty what should be bestowed when, my human mind could not wait. I used to go down with memories and incidents which were rather disturbing. and so began my tahajjud journey..

Initially I would wake up 15 to 20 minutes beofre fajr time, pray and go back to sleep..yes.. I had to catch up on sleep even if it meant just 5 minutes.. lol

Later on, praying tahajjud became a lovely habit alhamdulillah…The best part of this routine was the immense amount of mental satisfaction I made me feel at ease and at peace with myself..

While my duas intially were solely based on those quick fulfillment’s I was yearning for, I slowly began to diversify my dua list and finally finally reached a stage where I would just sit there and thank Allah for every single minute thing I had never thanked before…

I could never count the blessings He’s given so I would remain an indebted slave!

The calmness of the night, the silent ruffling of leaves once in a while (like as if they are trying to compete with me to get Our Creator’s attention) and the feeling of me sitting there all alone pouring my heart out to my Lord was unmatchable. Tears would roll down like as if there was a tear producing factory inside..anger, frustration and disappointment were soon replaced with serenity and mental satisfaction.

Somehow, the same connection doesn’t seem to occur during my daytime prayers. It could be because of the noises, voices or just my mind wandering away into thinking about the other stuff that need to be completed..or maybe I’m yet to master that level of khushoo.

But tahajjud has been the time where I could reflect, speak and speak for hours together (yes I’m talkative but not with everyone) and my day would seem so perfect..even the normal worries would seem so little…tahajjud was like a mental eraser that kept erasing these unwanted thoughts..

Which again reminds me of the verse “Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest”

Alhamdulillah…now I get up at 3 or 3:30 in the morning just to pray those two rakats. I hardly miss out on tahajjud and unlike my previous endevours, its not that hard to lift the blanket after all :)


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Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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49 Responses to The Magic called Tahajjud!

  1. SaFire says:

    MashaAllah. i envy you in the most positive of ways. MashaAllah.

    • nasmira says:

      Awww that’s one of the best comments I’ve got ever…jazakallah khair sis….however, I really believe each one of us have that “ONE” particular strength in our eemaan which no one can compete with…all of us have it within us sis..its a unique quality and I’ve seen ppl around me display that in a variety of ways under completely amazing situations..that’s y its “Allahu Akbar” He is indeed Great to have created each of us in a unique fashion!! :) :)

  2. mezba says:

    The trick is to sleep early, I find. sometimes I just waste time surfing (really doing nothing) when I could be gone to bed, and awake refreshed in time for Tahajjud. In Canada now in the winter it’s really easy as Fajr is so late!

    • nasmira says:

      Oh even I waste a lot of time especially late night brother and am really guilty about that too..I sleep only for 2 to 3 hours..guess I’m in that ‘stage/phase’ of life where everything is laid back and u don’t have to really answer anyone for anything..alhamdulillah for that as well.. :)
      and yeah Canada has late sunrises now in winter doesn’t it..lucky u all!!

  3. Ah… Masha’allah.. That must really be a wonderful feeling..! <3 Now, I want to know how it feels too! Please remember me in your duas!!

  4. OutspokenHijabi says:

    Assalaamu ‘Alaikum,
    SubhanAllah! May Allah give you more strength for this Ibadah. Aameen.
    Take Care, Vassalaam.

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  6. x@hu says:

    “Initially I would wake up 15 to 20 minutes beofre fajr time, pray and go back to sleep..yes.. I had to catch up on sleep even if it meant just 5 minutes.. lol”

    Lol! This is SO me when I first began my own Tahajjud journey! I would dive into the pillows even if it’s for two minutes. :P I adore sleeping (tee hee) and I never thought I’d be able to wake up in the middle of the night, let alone keep it up. But Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala is simply truly amazing when you ask Him to help you do something for His sake! :)

    May Allah azza wa jall keep you firm on His path and never ever take away the magic of tahajjud from you! Ameen! :)

    • Nasmira says:

      Ameen!! May Allah (swt) bless u and this ummah with all that you’ve mentioned and much much more! :)
      all we have to do is turn towards Him, subhanAllah!! He opens doors unknown!

  7. noor says:

    Please remember me in your heartfelt dua, I wish Allah would remove all my adversities soon, and grant my wishes.

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  9. Naseema Anas says:

    SubhanAllah u made my eyes filled with tears sis.Even i was regularly prayng Tahajjud but these days i m missing my Tahajjud prayer at times.May b my Eeman is becoming low….And….i remember wat u said was absolutely rt in ur article “who do u hang out with”.It is most Imp cos if we r with good people who make us remember Allah(swt),we ll b also good. sis ur articles r excellent/fabulous i can say.No other words to describe.I thing which i liked u in ur article is u have compared quranic ayahs and hadhees.MaashaAllah keep up ur good work and remember me in ur duas.

    • Nasmira says:

      Asalamu’alaikum sis Naseema…
      jazakumAllahu khayran for your kind words.. :)
      All praise belongs to Allah ALONE …I hope and pray I can benefit people with whatever Allah has been gracious to be bless me with…
      May Allah swt grant all that is best for you in this world and in the Next..
      It was very nice of you to comment on my article about Righteous company…Jazakumallahu khayran for that as well.. :)
      May Allah swt accept the little deeds we do to please Him. Ameen.

  10. Shadaan says:

    Mashallah!i just came here by chance and reading this is motivating me to start praying tahajjud..I have been planning to pray tahajjud since a few days..Jazakallah for the inspiration that you have provided!By the way..I have read that the Prophet (s.a.w) usually prayed tahajjud in 11rakats..that included 8 rakats of tahajjud and 3 of witr..while 2 rakats are fine as well..I feel we should follow the Sunnah as closely as possible..Just wanted to let you know in case you werent aware :)..Jazakallah khair once again for this beautiful post!May Allah be pleased with this act of yours :) Ameen.

    • Nasmira says:

      Alhamdulillah and ameen to your dua :)
      jazakumAllahu khayran for giving your inputs. Anyone reading your comment would benefit immensely and may Allah swt reward you for it. Ameen
      May Allah swt make it easy upon you to pray tahajjud regularly. Ameen :)

  11. MashALLAH…
    Jazakallah khair for such an inspirational post.
    Inshallah will try to be regular in Tahajjud.

    • Nasmira says:

      I’m glad you found it inspirational.
      May Allah swt accept all our efforts, (big or small) in trying to get to closer to Him. Ameen

  12. Jasbir says:

    Masha Allah…..It is a really nice reading your experience.

    Around a year and a half ago, I was waiting for some important decision in my life.
    Though I did not get any answer yet, I woke up around 2 30 a.m and felt that the answer will be negative.

    I was not thinking about Tahajjud but I felt I need to pray, I did not know what to ask Allah but I just felt that I MUST pray.

    So I did 2 rakaats and I just sat, the tears flowing endlessly…I could not put my feelings in any words, the tears just flowed and flowed. I know that Allah knows, what was happening to me and He understands my pain and He knows what I want to say.

    So I put my Trust in Him and with the belief that there is no Power or Strength except by HIM He took care of me, boost up my morale and lifted me up each time I felt the burdens being too heavy on my shoulders. Till date, Tahajjud has become part of my life.

    I pray to Allah that He guides us all to savor the inner peace we attained through Tahajjud.

    Whatever the situation you find yourself in, rest assured that whatever is happening is as per the plans of Allah and His plans are better than our plans.

    My journey

    • Nasmira says:

      SubhanAllah!! I love reading such comments. One can never grasp the Might and Power of Allah.
      May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala help you in all your endeavours. Ameen.

    • Nasmira says:

      SubhanAllah!! I Love reading such comments. One can never grasp the Might and Glory of Allah .
      May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala help you in all your endeavours. Ameen

  13. Nadz says:

    Salams….its just by chance that i came across this article, and i could relate to soooo many things u wrote in ur post. i do wake up for Tahajjud sometimes but at times u need something extra to motivate urself and this article surely did just that, i really want to get in the habit of praying Tahajjud, bcoz i feel this is the only way i can get satisfaction,Alhamdullillah i have a good life but sometimes I feel there is a wall or a barrier infront of me that stops me from getting something or from moving forward, maybe its a test from Allah , and i know I have to be patient but I also know that one dua can change our lives…….. And i would like to make those duas during tahajjud time inshaAllah. May Allah accept all our duas ameen.

    • Mr.Naina Mohamed. Kassim says:

      Salam all.
      When we start perfom tahajud, there will be a lot of inner matter becoz as a human the eeaman will slowly increase.My advise to you sister is “NEVER EVER GIVE UP”.

      • Nasmira says:

        Wa alaikum salam wa rahamtulahi wa barakatuhu.
        That’s very true indeed. JazakumAllahu khayran for taking your time out to drop a comment.
        Much appreciated.

    • Nasmira says:

      Wa alaikum salam wa rahmatulahi wa barakaktuhu.
      Alhamdulillah…all praise and glory belong to Allah alone. I’m glad you found this article motivating.
      All of us need an extra push at some point of our lives and tahajjud prayer is well and truly magical. All we need is to spend about 5 to 10 minutes and that works wonders subhanAllah.
      If you find it difficult to motivate yourself for tahajjud, you could probably ask your close friend/family member to wake you each night. This way, both of you will end up praying tahajjud at the same time. This would strengthen the bond with your friend/ family member. and also help you remain regular in tahajjud inshaAllah, receiving abundant rewards from Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala.
      May Allah keep up all steadfast in tahajjud. Ameen.

  14. damia says:

    Assalamualaikum, I feel connected to ur article. I started my tahajjud consistently a month ago.
    I cannot describe the peace and calmness inside me. Masyallah, I can now face challenges in life postively as Allah swt is always there with me.

  15. nida says:

    As evry1 dear sis, i came 2 ur article accidently.
    i belive dat Allah is waiting 4 us nd in reading tahajjud v find dat sukoon wit Allah swt.
    I am in urgent need of dua.
    I am stuck in a vry big problem.
    please make dua 4 me when u wake up.!
    please i need your dua.

  16. Habiba says:

    Assalamoolaikum, very recent i have started tahajjut salah and i am very extremely hopefull that allah swt will help me and my prayer will chage my painfull tough day and night . And all my sins will erase and insaallah one day i will be habib insaallah. And i also want to be a hafez of al quran and a hazi .i want to be a good mother of a son just like dr.jakir naik insaallah insaallah.zazakallah khayer.

  17. habiba says:

    alhamdulilah for your effort . carry on and pray for the muslims in gaza.

  18. Khurram says:

    I started Tahajjud back in 2007. That particular day I had been very upset for a grave injustice done to me by my management. All that day I had felt there was no one to undo this wrong which had been brought upon me. That night I slept very angry. I got up around 4 am, I think. I decided to offer a couple of rakats of Tahajjud. I had a limited memory of Quran so I said my two rakats and just poured my heart in front of Allah. I then went to bed, with an alarm set for Fajr. In that few minutes of sleep, I think half an hour or so, I had the most amazing dream when I got the honor of seeing the Prophet (PBUH). The message I got was that everything would be ok. I immediately got up, shivering, in a state of unbelief as to what I had seen. But I got relaxed. Within a span of two months, things just changed for me completely upside down. The injustice which was done to me was apologized for by my employer and I was granted the promotion. I made Tahajjud a regular part of my routine, slowly memorizing new surahs and increasing my duration of the two Rakats. while I became a very peaceful person, the overall quality of my life changed. But the biggest benefit/ gain which I had the honor of getting to see the Prophet (PBUH) many more times later. All I can say is that the benefits of Tahajjud are immense and I do not have the word power to explain but every Muslim should strive to offer it. It sounds difficult but Allah makes it easy. May Allah grant this blessing to every Muslim. Ameen!

  19. saheb mohammed hussain says:

    Assalaam Alaikum

    I am a regular observer of tahajjud prayer and I have experienced the power of this prayer. Allah Almighty will always answer your prayers if they are legible and if it is good for you. Remember the Almighty will always be with you and help you choose the right direction, therefore you should have patience and trust in Allah Almighty. Your prayers and duas will be answered at the right time. Once you have started performing the tahajjud prayers, never miss it, make it a regular habit and you will surely feel the difference in your personality, in your life, in your way of thinking. In Sha Allah all your difficulties will be over and all problems solved. I never set an alarm, but I have always woken up between 3am and 3.30 am automatically with the help of Almight Allah. May Almighty Allah make us all Muslims to regularly perform the tahajjud prayers. Aameen Summa AAmeen.

  20. shafana says:

    i always wanted to pray tahajjud but never did..past 2 days i hav started praying i can feel differences already..i felt so relaxed and calm..Hope Allah amighty makes me one among them who pray consistantly ..and want to experience the magic happened in you people life..

  21. Hang Li Po says:

    Assalammualaikum sister,

    I’m accidentally came to your article. I’m currently disciplined myself to perform tahajjud prayer every night. I’m not sure whether my dua’ has been answered by Allah, however, I feel peace and calm in my life. Tahajjud really change my life!

  22. Tooba says:

    So did any of your demands get fulfilled after making Tahajjud a habit?

    • Nasmira says:

      Many, too many to count! alhamdulillah!

      • Tooba says:

        What about shaadi-related duas? As many single girls these days are worried about getting married and finding the right one?

        Anyone you know has any experience of a marriage dua being fulfilled with a person of their choice?

  23. Salam alaykum. Ma sha’ Allah, I too loved reading your article.. I just have the problem that I’m scared about praying at night… Jazaki Allah khayr for this post, it’s motivating indeed.

  24. ferial says:

    Salaam. I am from South Africa. Marshallah. I appreciate reading the post and the comments. Tahajud salaah. My favourite salaah. It’s is so peaceful and tranquil and it makes my day so much easier. Shukran for sharing.

  25. Tashfia says:

    :) I know exactly what you mean.
    Lovely piece of writing.

  26. Me. myself says:

    that was amazing.. especially when u said “the silent ruffling of leaves once in a while” takes it to a whole new level.. I must admit that this is the best motivating post about tahajjud I’ve ever came across while randomly surfing web at work.. thanks a bunch!!

  27. Eman says:

    What if you starter Tahajjud and then prayed it in a wrong way, accedentily and also finished with it two min after fair will it still be valid

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