Its just a game they say..

Posts in these categories will be dedicated to one person/place/incident/thought/idea..some who were with me through my ups and downs, others who were/are present partially/transiently..some incidents which I would squash and throw behind my head for good..others which I would like to permanently impregnate in my mind for all the sweet and lasting memories they brought along…

This one’s about…..Read on!!

Coming from a country like India, it is not hard for people to figure what “game” I’m talking about: CRICKET

Now why do I love this game so much is another question, but if there is one thing I’ve grown up with, its cricket.

I cannot remember what drew me towards this game, but whatever it was it sure changed me for good. I would program my timetable for studying around cricket matches while in school.. I would not miss out the toss, forget about missing the toss, I would sit in front of the idiot box even before the game started. Well I had to listen to expert opinion now (common..don’t roll your eyes)…which “expert” thinks what would happen in a match, what the team composition should have been like, whether the weather would hold good, what to expect who should pull the trigger today!

And then I had to listen to those favorite commentators and absolutely hilarious ones ..Navjot Singh Sidhu,Tony Grieg, Harsha Bhogle, Geoffrey Boycott, to mention a few.… well there were so many…they still are….but ESPN Start Sports had the BEST commentary team ever!!

And then how could I forget the matches taking place in New Zealand and West Indies,..countries situated on either ends of the globe…which automatically meant the timings of their matches were horrendous for countries like India, BUT BUT I would make sure I woke up at 3 in the morning or stayed up until 2 in the morning to watch those matches too…insanity at its best!!

The enthusiasm with which I would listen to presentation ceremonies after the match was like as if I was giving the award myself!! Ah, what do you call that..Fanaticism!??

Whatever ‘ism’ it was FUN

However, being such a crazy fool that I was, I simply could not and do not understand anyone who could say they didn’t watch cricket or even worse don’t like cricket, it used to sound like a personal…and then there were people you could not understand how a girl could be so crazy of a game meant for guys…really??!! who said games are gender based!!

Every interview was never missed, in fact I started reading the newspaper at the age of 8 just to read the cricket articles,( love affair with the game started quite early)..and once in a while I would flip the pages over to see what happened elsewhere.

Back then Australia was dominating and I like Australia, so which was my favorite team …Australia!!! Yes, I placed it even higher than India although the only time I would hope they lose would be when they played against India, EVEN then I would hope certain bowlers got wickets and certain batsmen in that team got their centuries even if it meant India losing..crazy, no?

The crowd, the atmosphere and the excitement seen in India is something that needs to be experienced in order to be understood. Cricket can bring the traffic to a standstill, in fact important cricketing days would be accompanied with deserted roads..and a sight like that in a country like India is equivalent to a UFO attack!!

What the governments of India and Pakistan could not do for years was accomplished with a single tour of India to Pakistan in 2003.. the crowds came together..  people had the tricolor and Pakistan flag painted on either cheeks, the flags were waved together and the teams given a rousing match was enough to end the bitterness!! (Well yes, the bonhomie didn’t last was never meant to

And after all this…people say cricket is just a game?!!

OR maybe it is!!!

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6 Responses to Its just a game they say..

  1. mezba says:

    Cricket is not a matter of life or death.

    It’s more than that, they say! :-P

  2. You might not be very pleased to know.. I kinda hate cricket! :P Ok i dont hate it much now.. but I dont like it either! :D But I dislike a 50 over game, it’s soo longg! :D *boring* :P

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