Real Or Mirage

This has nothing to do with things/places but it has a lot to do with people..

Having met quite a LOT of people all my life, from various places and backgrounds with a myriad of characters to deal with, it gets hard to let go of some people, even harder to get rid of others.

Interestingly what I’ve noticed throughout this adventure called “life”  is one general principle: the more you care, the more you lose.

Not that I expect people to give back what I gave them. NEVER EVER…that would be pure selfishness..but it hurts when you know and realize that some people were never meant to be with you forever..

That’s when you begin to wonder whether the relationship in the first place was real or just a mirage..

the closer you go towards this mirage, it quietly disappears having clearly cheated your visual and emotional  senses..

So what do we do in such cases:

i) get up and continue searching for the mirage in another far off place just to please our hearts by looking at what’s unreal


ii) just let go and conclude that things were never meant to be that way..

Who says the more you know a person, the better understanding you have?

I strongly disagree with this logic… In fact the more u know..the more you should back out to let the relationship live and breathe…

This is my picture of how a relationship is.. in this temporary world

It is important to prevent these delicate strings from breaking into infinite pieces that would never get attached again..and even if they do..the original beauty can never be matched…Each string represents family, friends (the real ones and those whom we thought we knew)  etc. etc.

How do I deal with any relationship these days:

Handle with CARE, admire the strings and give respect…what do I get in return: NO ONE will ever take me for granted!

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One Response to Real Or Mirage

  1. MuQeet says:

    I agree with your thoughtful ideas :)

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