Last Minute Success…

I wonder how people can be super organized and get all their work done ON TIME. I for one can hardly complete anything until the last few days/hours/ minutes/ seconds arrive..

This is what I do to TIME…

and this is what TIME does to me…

That’s when I scramble for information, draft an article, quickly read through the rough copy a couple of times and BOOOMM..end up posting it for review.. interestingly this is what I call my profession… content writing..however, unlike many writers, I don’t go with a clear plan in mind. the end result, repeated ideas, abrupt sentence structures…however the end product turns out to be pretty good (much to my shock) alhamdulillah..

I promised myself many times over this past month that I would submit at least 2 to 3 articles prevent a sudden workload in the end..but the plan never seems to work I suppose..

I did start off with a BANG in the initial few days of the month..went into hibernation mode and wrote nothing for the next 20 days !! ..well I did listen to some lectures and study for Bachelor’s of Arts in Islamic Studies course..ah!! now that’s another story..

However, time management is not complicated like organic…we do have so many lovely examples to learn from…amazing personalities to emulate.

When I look back at how the Prophet’s (saws) companions utilized their time, it continues to amaze me. They had to milk the cattle, take care of their farms and like Awalki said , did not have a vacation where they could go to the farms and say “ok plants, I’m off for the weekend..tend for yourselves”..or go to the cattle/livestock and say “ok I’ll be off for a few days…”

amazing,,they had to travel for days together for trade and business…yet they would come back and learn the religion..memorize verses that would be eagerly anticipated (a situation similar to youngsters awaiting the release of the latest movie these days), care for their families and defend themselves ..mashaAllah..

Allah really put in so much of barakah and will-power in their hearts..Allah has also blessed this ummah by pouring barakah in the morning hours, after the morning prayer..but its sad to see so many people (including yours truly) snuggle back into our warm blankets as soon as we finish praying.


Attitude change is the need of the I’m gonna come up with a plan to utilize this blessing called “time”’ithnillah

So TIME…here I come!! its u who should be panting now..not me!

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4 Responses to Last Minute Success…

  1. MuQeet says:

    Masha’Allah, a concise but meaningful article!….hallmark of an efficient and effective writer :)

  2. Subashini says:

    Short and sweet!Most of all love your determination to keep up with time:) Get going!

    • nasmira says:

      thxxxxx boo.. :)) but i guess i get the wrong determination to do the least important task before the most important one…the list needs to change its chronology soon :)

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