Wanna gossip: Find someone else!!

You know what it feels like when you have this one absolutely irritating and annoying person who wants to know everything that’s happening in your life…and no they are not your family members if you were just beginning to guess wildly!

having always been a complete recluse, it is very difficult for me to speak frankly with people unless I am absolutely comfortable around them..

.but the fact is..I respect others privacy and expect others to reciprocate… there are instances where people you meet wanna do only one thing all day: GOSSIP

“what happened. who did what..didn’t do what not..oohhs and aahhs”…and I feel like yelling out and saying “okie now shut up folks”…don’t we have better things to do..

but but but here’s the catch..they play this game of gossip really well and their over inquisitive nature gets the best out of you in terms of everything they needed to know..

ask them the same question back and they would easily slip out of the conversation and not give you ANY detail…they think they are way too smart playing a game like that…

however, what this specific person (read parasite) failed to understand was that I completely knew where that person was heading..and I also knew her counter policy of not telling anything out from her side..she thought she was paying the game really well..pity her..i knew her game tactics right from the word GO

its hard why people don’t understand when they have to shut up and stop being so inquisitive of others lives. if the person is not willing to tell stuff..let them go..

give them that space..why do people have to compete with everything you have..like as if the grass on their side were not green at all…fact is end of the day they don’t do their duties and don’t allow others to do theirs, thanks to their gossiping nature which can be cleverly camouflaged with ” hey you know what I’ve something very important to discuss” my my my…!!!

It was a complete waste of time..lost a couple of hours in listening to some crap mind you..benefited nothing out of the whole conversation..there are very few times when i feel like just walking off from that place..although when you are virtually present it is not that hard to do so…still feel like whacking myself for letting that person waste MY TIME..

“By time. Verily! Man is in loss, except those who believe and do righteous good deeds, and recommend one another to the truth which Allah has ordained, and abstain from all kinds of sins and evil deeds and recommend one another to patience” (Glorious Quran: Chapter 103)

Maybe i should have just ignored the message in the first place. ARGHHHH!! Some people can really get into your nerves by being over inquisitive. They think they are trying to keep themselves abreast with what’s happening around them..but sorry ” that was a clear right intrusion into things i am NOT eager to discuses about”

when I give monosyllabic answers to questions that require explanation..please understand that I’m not interested in discussing the matter any further..

ok..rant over..

phew feels nice  to spit it out this way!  Good day guys!!! =)

[Photos credits:  clipartguide.com, cellphonetrackerz.com, marthaorlando.blogspot.com]


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5 Responses to Wanna gossip: Find someone else!!

  1. Haha! Tell me about it! .. and its not just being inquisitive about our lives, i hate it even when people come and talk to me about others too (All praise be to Allah for blessing us with a heart that hates such things)! It gets soo annoying! More like.. uh.. its their life.. why do we care.. let them do what they want! :/ Lets NOT backbite!!

  2. nasmira says:

    @potentialhijabi: so true..I debated a lot with myself before putting up this post..thinking whether it would be backbiting..but it was burning my thoughts yesterday..but now feels like I’m back to normal.. :D ..thanks for dropping by.. :)

  3. Well, frankly, when I read this post even I wondered the same :P but its not, because your not mentioning the name of any specific person, so dont worry! :)

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