How Stress Causes Coronary Heart Disease

Hectic lifestyle coupled with immense amounts of work pressure has taken a toll on our health and well-being. Although our paychecks have grown bigger, we have grown fatter with a proportionate decline in our life expectancy. The result: we have bigger bank accounts but smaller lives.

While some people complain about being stressed all the time, others come up with amazing dialogues that they are never stressed. Fact of the matter is that all of us are stressed to some degree in our lives. Depression, anger, worries and low self-esteem are some of the many forms of stress our body is forced to face on a daily basis. No one can be completely stress-free but how we deal with these emotions can make us or break us.

Stress and tension bring about numerous types of changes in the body. Some may be physical, others psychological but the results of such changes are permanent and everlasting. Read on to find out the interesting relationship stress shares with your heart’s well-being.

What Stress Can do to Your Body?

The sudden stress caused when your body is faced with an emergency triggers your mind to release several stress related hormones like cortisol. The latter will bring about a sudden spike in your sugar levels, supplying your brain with crucial fuel to become alert, think, and process information quickly. These changes are coupled with other changes like an increase in heartbeat, forcing your muscles and nerves to functions super fast to deal with the emergency. A sudden increase in your blood pressure levels is normal in such situations. Soon after the incident, your body will return to normalcy.

Effects of Long Term Stress

If you are stressed for a prolonged period of time, your body tends to secrete cortisol continuously leading to a constant increase in your blood pressure. This will toughen up your heart muscles, causing an unwanted overload of work.

his will lead to thickening of heart walls, in turn constricting your heart muscles. There is a significant decrease in the amount of blood being pumped to and from your heart muscles. This causes oxygen deficiency leading to heart attack.

Deadly Effects of Stress

Apart from forcing your heart to overwork, stress hormones also have a negative effect on your eating habits. Your mind will force you to eat highly saturated foods or junk foods as a temporary resort to overcome the difficult situation. These foods give you immediate relief by making your brain release “feel good hormones”. When continued in the long run, these foods bring about a host of complications ranging from excess cholesterol and fat deposition in your heart muscles to making you overweight.

An increase in your weight beyond the normal level will force your heart to function and work harder to ensure that your body parts receive adequate blood supply. This leads to development of several types of cardiovascular diseases and disorders.

Therefore, stress plays multiple roles in triggering different types of cardiovascular problems.  The only solution to this problem is to de-stress yourself. Enroll in a yoga or meditation center. Eat right and enjoy the little joys that you are gifted with instead of worrying unnecessarily.

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