Vitamin C: The wonder nutrient!!

right, RIGHT..have finally decided to make this blog active..with some interesting stuff…it was an achievement in itself when my first ezine article was was about a favorite vitamin of mine…

Vitamin C!!!

Fighting diseases and illnesses seems to be a daunting task for many. While some resort to medications for just about everything, others are more laid back and do not take the signs and symptoms seriously until they are very ill. It is therefore not surprising to read about new types of diseases that have popped up the world over in recent years.

However, did you know that vitamin C could solve numerous health problems faced by people on a daily basis? Yes, that’s right! Vitamin C or ascorbic acid found in numerous fruits and vegetables has multi solutions to many problems. various researches and studies have been conducted specifically to see the umpteen number of benefits obtained by consuming this water-soluble vitamin. Read on to discover more about this wonder nutrient that could fight common cold, flu, cancer and even cardio vascular diseases!

    • Improves Immunity: Vitamin C increases the immunity levels in your body. This way, your strengthened immune system is better equipped to fight countless microorganisms that invade or try to invade your body each time. A deficiency of vitamin C will make your immune system weaker, decreasing your ability to fight deadly pathogens, bacteria, fungi, virus, etc.
    • An Antioxidant: Antioxidants helps the body get rid of free radicals (byproducts of various metabolic reactions that take place in the body). When there are insufficient antioxidants, free radicals end up circulating liberally and cause numerous degenerative and unwanted changes to your body. They also attack body cells and are responsible for pre mature ageing, wear and tear of tissues and cause different types of cancer. Vitamin C being an antioxidant helps in flushing out free radicals, in turn protecting your body from different types of cancers and other degenerative changes. This vitamin is also very beneficial for maintaining healthy skin that looks and feels young, supple and fresh.
    • Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases: Vitamin C has been proven to facilitate fat metabolism, in turn preventing accumulation of cholesterol and other substances in and around the arterial vessels. This way it prevents blocking of blood vessels and decreases chances of people developing cardiovascular diseases.
    • Improved Wound Healing: Vitamin C also has the property of aiding in formation of collagen (a structural protein of the connective tissue). By doing so, it speeds up wound healing by helping in the formation of a new layer of skin sooner than the body can otherwise do if there is a deficiency of vitamin C.

Therefore, if you are looking to maintain your body in a good working condition without developing any major or minor illnesses, include a fresh dose of vitamin C regularly in your diet. A generous serving of fresh fruits (citrus fruits in particular) and vegetables (preferably in raw form) consumed immediately after cutting/chopping is advisable. Vitamin C gets oxidized easily when exposed to atmosphere and gets destroyed. It is also destroyed when exposed to high temperature so make sure you consume fruits and vegetables in raw form wherever possible. Provide your body with a healthy dose of Vitamin C from natural sources and notice a drastic improvement in your health and well-being!

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