MY goodies From ihijabi (1000 fans giveaway)!!:)

Asalamualaikum all! =)

I got my goodies from the ihijabi team alhamdulillah!!! :) :) :)  For those of you who don’t know what *this* is all about…click here

I was super excited to rip the parcel open and wasted no time in doing so :D Now, here is a review of all the stuff received. Firstly, a big shoutout to sister ZARRIN, the ihijabi team and all the sponsors: Hijab Obsessions, Pardah Collections, Unique Hijab pins, The Islamic Greeting Card Store, La Decence Hijabs & accessories, Silver Spring Hijabs Galore, Hijab Fashion Shop and My Tendy hijab.

Alright, so lets get started.!!

The main aspect that struck out was the material of ALL the hijabs. They were so extremely light in weight and were even more easier to drape around. They were super duper soft, WELL honestly I haven’t come across any hijab so far in India and I’m sure I don’t have any hijab in my closet that is sooo thin, so amazingly soft to feel, not transparent and easy to cover my hair without requiring a tube scarf. All the hijabs were perfect in terms of length and width, giving a lot of converge but again not being too bulky. I simply loved them all! And most importantly, I dont have any of these hijab colors in my closet, adding to my prized collections of numerous hijabs! I have more options to choose from now! :) :)

This pink pashmina hijab looks gorgeous and feels gorgeous too. And I absolutely love the royal look it carries with it. Amazingly soft and incredibly light!!



19082011861Green hijab: This had a crinkled sort of effect to it (again I don’t have a crinkled hijab!!!), making this so worth it! I love the sober color. Its extremely light in weight and extremely soft to feel.

Both the green and pink ones were extremely comfortable to drape around and most importantly stayed in place!!



This orange stringy hijab is truly ONE of a kind. I haven’t seen a hijab of this material or this design anywhere in India. I might as well be a proud owner of one unique piece in a country of one billion+. !! :D
I LOVE the stringy feeling to it.. A little difficult to wear initially but that’s not really problem after you get used to it. I love the color combination of light orangish-creamish strings and I absolutely absolutely love the stringy appearance.

Black hijab
: Simple and elegant. This easily goes with a normal plain abaya or even those with a little embroidery and work around here and there. I loved silver stones that run all along the length of the hijab (I needed more of these so glad I got one in black..although I have too many blacks already but black rules I Guess!!) :)


 I love the pattern of squares and circles. BUT most importantly, this was the lightest hijab amongst all of them. I could hardly feel it when I wore it around, haven’t come across a hijab that could be so so so soft Perfect for Indian summer!! I love the patterns on it. A little short in length but other than that…was perfect!!

The greeting cards: I’m in love with them :D These cards have beautiful messages on them..concise and clear! I’ve got my advanced Eid card this time!! I love the color combinations and most importantly, the empty space given inside (not many cards give u that freedom to write what u want all over the card without having to bother about not having enough “space”). My dad was asking whom I would give the “new sister” card to and I said “No wayyy!! They are mine” and he was trying to figure out what I would do with a “new sister” card when I’m nowhere new to Islam. But I LOVE them all! :D cant part with any.. I’ll keep them safely in their envelopes !!!19082011836


And the absolutely adorable key chain..this was one of THE main reasons I took part in the competition (lol) I very very very badly wanted this! It is so cuteeee and I could not imagine NOT having it after seeing it.. I love it!! Simply simply L.O.V.E it!!


19082011863The hijab accessory: One of a kind..again I don’t have anything like this, so my hijab wardrobe is complete with this beautiful crystal attached to three golden chain on one side and one on the other. It’s brilliant.!!



And last but most definitely not the least..a handwritten letter from sister Zarrin.. I LOVE handwritten letters..they add such a special personal touch to the whole thing. THANK you so much for your lovely words sister!! I guess I would laminate it to prevent it from getting torn or crumpled. Something I would treasure for a looong time!! :)

So yeah, I guess this is it!! Again..jazakiAllah khair to Sister Zarrin, Sunnie, iMuslimah iConvert and all the companies that sponsored this competition. May Allah bless you and this entire Ummah!! :) :)


About Nasmira

Asalamualaikum !! =) A proud Hijabi, Writer, Nutritionist, Artist.. Click the link below and take a sneak peek into my world! =)
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2 Responses to MY goodies From ihijabi (1000 fans giveaway)!!:)

  1. Aisha says:

    Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Dear Nasmira :)

    MashaAllah, TabrakAllah…your blog is colorful and amazing :)

    There is one thing though I would like to share with you…
    I never observed hijab before..Alhamdulillah AllahSWT opened my heart to learn His deen and I started wearing the hijab. In the beginning I would wear the scarf with jeans and shirt or tight skirt etc. Then I started pondering more about the’s real purpose and subhanaAllah I realized I wasn’t observing the “Islamic hijab”. Alhamdulillah I started wearing loose clothes with scarf that covered me modestly…
    Now I have started wearing the niqaab, Alhamdulillah (that’s upto the individual to make the decision after learning about the subject). But here I am just talking about the normal hijab.
    This video is really nice.. :)–A-symbol-of-FAITH–or-a-FASHION-statement

    May Allah help us to apply His Deen in our lives in a way pleasing to Him and protect us from being deceived by the evil shaytan and his allies.

    And may Allah help my sisters who are struggling to wear proper hijab for His Sake. Indeed it is hard to do so when people around us keep mocking us. But hey there is going to be a time inshAllah when we’ll feel the winds of paradise with our hair floating in the air :D
    Every struggle for His Sake is going to be worth it inshaAllah :)

    And ohhh yeah! I loveddd ur profile pic…mashaAllah! :)
    Assalamualaykum Warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    • nasmira says:

      Wa alaikum asalam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuhu sis Aisha =)

      I’m soooo happy that you like the blog layout..alhmadulillah

      and as I was reading your comment.. I was humbled, awed and could exactly relate to what you were telling…I was pretty late to wear the hijab too..but I wanted to do in my own terms and just did it one day without bothering about anyone or anything..and luckily no one really reacted with shock or amazement..they saw it coming maybe..and the video u posted is priceless sis…its soooo important for girls to understand the true meaning of hijab and very few follow it..those who follow the hijab outwardly do not combine it with their inner character, making the price of cloth on their heads useless.
      ..first it was difficult to make sisters accept hijab…and now it gets extremley difficult to explain what hijab is NOT to sisters..they either think your preaching or you don’t have a real fashion sense..May Allah guide them all ..Ameen
      Like u aptly put it..there will be people who would try to bring us down..but the ultimate end result will make every single struggle big or small so worth that we could stand on the Day of Judgement with a smile on our faces and say, “Our Lord! We endured all this just for your love” and that’s the most amazing feeling to ever have..inshaAllah..may Allah make us one of those..
      Oh and the profile pic is not really me..googled it I guess but I would simply love to be in a place like that..just me, nature and our Creator.. :)

      And jazakallah khair so much for dropping by sis..and an even bigger thank you for your lovely comment =)

      Do visit whenever you are free..oh! I love this bond of sisterhood in Islam..alhmaduliilah… :)
      Take care sis..Fee amanillah.
      Wa’salam! :)

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