Between Hope and Prayers

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After you’ve made a desperate dua and are waiting for it to be “answered”, strive! Don’t just raise your hands to the sky and then stagnate, waiting for a miracle to unfold. Strive to be a better slave of Allah, … Continue reading

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Footsteps of the Smallest Ant

In a story which Sheikh Ali At-Tantawi narrates, he says: ‘I was a judge in Syria, and it so happened that a group of us were spending the night with one of our friends when I suddenly found it difficult … Continue reading

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Journey to Allah limping and broken…

Imam AlShafi’ee said, “Journey to Allah limping and broken and don’t wait for wellness, because waiting for wellness is inability.”

What is the meaning of journey to Allah broken?

It means, for example, that you get up to pray but your prayer is still without focus, you recite the Quran but it is a broken recitation far from perfection…

Don’t worry, continue and seek out who will teach you to recite.

You begin to live your life in a way that is pleasing to Allah but at times, your soul and desires overpower you…

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IMG-20140704-WA0000Sujood: It’s a position where you realise your own nothingness in front of His greatness. It’s a humbling reminder that you not only submit to Him with your limbs in those fleeting seconds of your life, but you also submit to Him in the strongest essence: you submit to His plan, His decree…the divine decree that has been written for you against your name, that’s the ultimate from of submission… you submit with your *heart*…. Continue reading

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7 Ramadan Advice To New Muslimahs / Reverts

You might have come across several posts that are buzzing with excitement with Ramadan around the corner. If you have just reverted to Islam and are feeling a little too apprehensive of what to expect, here’s a small attempt on … Continue reading

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6 Mindblowing & Exceptional Reasons To Make Dhikr This Ramadan

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What does dhikr really mean? How can we implement and make it a habit to be in a constant state of dhikr to achieve closeness? You claim to love Allah subhanahu wa taala more than anything in this world. But … Continue reading

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An Epiphany….

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I’ve just had an epiphany!!! I’ve come across this sentence many times before but it just blew me away today. It’s too deep to sum up in a few words. “You travel everywhere trying to find something, and then you … Continue reading

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In this world, words can crush but silence can kill. You can either use words to heal a broken heart or shred it into pieces. But sometimes, silence can convey what a thousand words can’t. It was silence that Prophet … Continue reading

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When people backbite or slander your name and character, sit back and watch how Allah shields you. Stay close to the Refuge and no harm shall touch you. Aisha radhiyallahu anha was accused of adultery, so much so that it … Continue reading

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I’ve always been fascinated by Surah Maryam, a chapter I go to in times of distress, grief, anger or even when there’s plain emptiness in my heart although everything seems “perfect”. So, whilst reading what Maryam, [or virgin Mary as … Continue reading

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Ungrateful? Perhaps yes!

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The last line gave me goosebumps! “I remember listening to a woman who became Muslim tell the story of how she was forced to leave her homeland and family, even a two-year-old daughter, her firstborn, who had been the joy … Continue reading

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For Broken Hearts

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“I often used to wonder why I had my heart broken so many times. This painful, traumatizing, paralyzing pain that no one can see, yet so severe you feel it could destroy the universe. I eventually came to terms with … Continue reading

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